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Sports - Oct. 31, 2012
What makes a hero?
In baseball, where statistics are such a vital element of the fabric of the sport, some of the game's best players not only served during wartime, but in some cases had several of their prime playing years interrupted when wars broke out overseas. Their sense of loyalty and duty to country far outweighed whatever statistics they may have lost.
Sports - Oct. 24, 2012
The mighty fall hard
After UCI chief Pat McQuaid asserted, ''Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling, and he deserves to be forgotten in cycling,'' one of sport's most epic falls from grace was complete. The details of the USADA's case against Armstrong showed a wanton disregard for the rules in what was described as "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport had ever seen."
Sports - Oct. 17, 2012
The Jermichael problem
Finley Island only exists in fantasy land. Back here in the real world players have to understand their role and accept it. In Green Bay, Jermichael Finley needs to realize that he will never win in the court of public opinion so long as he continues his diatribe over the state's most popular athlete.
Sports - Oct. 10, 2012
Green and going?
Dyed in the wool Bucks fans are understandably upset. They are not the problem. The problem is that the rest of the populace is becoming increasingly apathetic as to whether or not we even have a team at all.
Sports - Oct. 3, 2012
The envelopes, please...
One year ago, Ryan Braun was rightfully awarded the National League's MVP based on numbers that warranted it as well as the Brewers inclusion in the autumnal soirée known as MLB's playoffs. But what of this season?
Sports - Sept. 26, 2012
Commissioner gone AWOL
Where has Roger Goodell been in all of this? Dismissive memo aside, Goodell has been unacceptably silent on all of this. His league is crashing down all around him and the once-respected leader of North America's favorite sport is nowhere to be found. The NFL not only does not have any referees, the league has no voice.
Sports - Sept. 19, 2012
Enough is enough
NFL owners - i.e. Roger Goodell - are arguing over nothing more than wounded pride as Rome is burning all around them because of the disaster known as replacement officials.
Sports - Sept. 12, 2012
Is one loss the end of the world? Sure, why not?
Calling for Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson, Doug Melvin and Ron Roenicke to be fired? Good ... keep it coming!
#RaiseMKE - Sept. 5, 2012
Are you ready for some football?
Arrogance and complacency has been replaced by a renewed sense of determination, anxious to prove that 2010's league championship was not a fluke, but rather just the signal to the rest of football that they were a juggernaut to be reckoned with.
Sports - Aug. 29, 2012
Immortality awaits, but for whom?
This week, two Milwaukee sports icons are in the news for the highest honor one can have bestowed upon them.
#RaiseMKE - Aug. 22, 2012
It's just practice
Despite what the NFL would have you believe, correcting anyone characterizing these exercises in futility with the despised moniker "exhibition game," these organized and telecasted scrimmages are nothing more than a way for the league to make serious cash and coaches to decide on their final roster cuts.
Sports - Aug. 15, 2012
It's been a bumpy ride
The funny thing about baseball is its fickle nature. One day you can win by 10 runs, the next, against the very same team, you can get shut out on two hits. It is just how the game is played. Nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately for us, it is also our baseball reality year in and year out.
#RaiseMKE - Aug. 8, 2012
How long will his penance be?
Record books are what they are; devoid of feelings, grudges, vendettas or intangibles. The numbers never lie. And even though the empirical evidence states that Brett Favre lifted the Packers from obscurity to champion, his departure is all many Packers fans choose to recall. This has to change.
Sports - Aug. 1, 2012
The best of both worlds
In a lot of ways, NBC is in a no-win situation. Because of the enormity of the Summer Games and their mammoth financial stake in it, they have to do what they think is in their best interest. But in its haste to protect their prime-time product for the casual viewer, NBC is angering sports fans.
Sports - July 25, 2012
My own Lambeau island
Tuesday, we got our first good look at what the expansion of Lambeau Field is going to look like. I hate it.
Sports - July 19, 2012
The (way) inside story of the Green Bay Packers
We all know what has happened on the field. What we didn't know until now was how the most unique franchise in major professional sports was even allowed to exist.
Sports - July 18, 2012
Thou shalt not kill
As it concerns Penn State, society's anger is palpable and understandable. Terrible things were allowed to happen for terrible reasons. Justice, as much as it is possible, has to be served. But justice is not served by killing off Penn State football.
Sports - July 11, 2012
When will sports finally be out?
Why we are so wrapped up in who someone sleeps with defies logic and just plain tact. Are heterosexual teammates somehow better than homosexual ones? The last time I checked, sports were performed between the lines, not between the sheets.
Sports - June 27, 2012
Death to the BCS - finally!
Now we have what college football fans have been clamoring for. And while there may be some initial grumbling in the rare years where there may be a case for more than four teams that have a legitimate stake in a national championship playoff, those instances will be few and far between.
Sports - June 20, 2012
Innocent vs. Not Guilty
Both Ryan Braun and Roger Clemens were accused of using performance enhancing drugs (PED's). Both have incurred the scorn of the public akin to Hester Prynne's dalliance with Arthur Dimmesdale in 1642. Of course today, the scarlet letter is not "A" but rather "S."
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