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Dining - March 19, 2019
Chilango Express trades in gas station digs for bigger, brighter restaurant
Chilango Express has officially made the transition from their former gas station location into a bigger, brighter location.
Dining - March 18, 2019
Now serving: La Costena Cafe in West Allis
A new Latin restaurant has opened its doors at 5823 W. Burnham St. La Costeña, which is owned and operated by Hugo Ramirez-Hernandez and his brothers, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.
Dining - March 18, 2019
On the Burger Trail: The Black & Bleu Burger at Jack's American Pub
On this trip to Jack's American Pub, Lori Fredrich went with the Black and Bleu Burger, a half-pound cajun seasoned burger topped with caramelized onions, bacon, gorgonzola crumbles, and an apple coleslaw.
Dining - March 17, 2019
52 restaurants for your bucket list in 2019
To assist you in exploring the Milwaukee dining scene in 2019, we've comprised a list of 52 restaurants that should be on your bucket list. Some are brand new. Others have been around for years. A few have been around for decades. All are worth experiencing.
Bars & Clubs - March 15, 2019
Hidden Gem: The Hamilton at Cedar Creek
It's likely you've never heard of Hamilton, an historic little hamlet which preceded the existence of Cedarburg, Wisconsin. It's probable that means you've also never been to The Hamilton at Cedar Creek.
Buzz - March 15, 2019
5 things you can do now at Punch Bowl Social
It's almost spring, and if you're tired of sitting at home holed up on the couch with a healthy serving of Netflix on your plate, it might be time for a trip to Punch Bowl Social.
Dining - March 14, 2019
Coming to Miller Park this season: The Wisconsin ultimate cheese fry
How do French fries topped with fried cheese curds, cheese sauce and bacon sound to you? Yeah, we thought so.
Dining - March 13, 2019
FoodCrush Podcast: Trappist monks are cool, but women in beer are rad
From 6,000 B.C. when women brewed "magical" elixirs at the behest of Ninkasi, goddess of brewing to the modern day, women have played an integral role in the the production of beer, both nationally and abroad. Why did things change? And how are women getting back into the industry?
Bars & Clubs - March 13, 2019
New Fashioned: The larger-than-life Crockpot Old Fashioned at Don's Diner
If you live in Wisconsin, it's likely you've indulged in a Wisconsin style old fashioned, complete with muddled fruit, Korbel brandy and a splash of soda. But, have you ever had a brandy old fashioned served up in a crockpot?
Dining - March 13, 2019
Celebrate irrational numbers: Pi Day specials in Milwaukee
It's time for pie lovers and math nerds to unite. Pi Day is coming up (as it does each year) on Thursday, March 14. And venues across the city are getting ready. Here are some fun ways to wholeheartedly celebrate both irrational numbers and (in most cases) your very rational love for delicious pie.
Dining - March 12, 2019
Don't snooze on Amilinda's limited-time winter brunch
Brunch. It's a ubiquitous weekend treat. But the tradition gets even sweeter when a restaurant that doesn't normally serve brunch gets in on the fun.
Dining - March 12, 2019
Love spicy ramen? Prove it. Eat this giant bowl of Hellfire Ramen at Kawa
OK, so you love spicy ramen. But how much do you love it? And how much of it can you handle eating in one sitting? Find out starting March 17 at Kawa Ramen & Sushi.
Dining - March 11, 2019
On the Burger Trail: The Mushroom Swiss Burger at Rollie's
The people are friendly, the vibe is low key and the burgers ... well, Rollie's is self-described by its staff as "a bar with a burger problem." So Lori Fredrich knew I'd be back eventually to try one out for the Burger Trail.
Dining - March 8, 2019
Here's why you should stop hating on tap cocktails
Tap cocktails are an offering born of the modern craft movement which has slowly-but-surely shed its 15-ingredient specialty cocktails and mustache-twirling pretense in favor of friendly service and high quality cocktails made faster and more efficiently.
Dining - March 7, 2019
Foraged foods, seasonality & reverence for nature converge at Wild Roots
Wild foraged items, classical culinary training and a deep respect for nature are about to converge at Wild Roots, the forthcoming restaurant at 6807 W. Becher St. in West Allis.
Dining - March 7, 2019
It's quirky. It's fun. It's Punch Bowl Social. Take a look.
The clock is ticking. In fact, it's almost time for the grand opening of Punch Bowl Social. But before you go, we've got a peek at the food, the digs and the fun you can expect from the newest eatertainment venue on the block.
Bars & Clubs - March 6, 2019
FoodCrush Podcast: Michael Vitucci on the evolution of bars in Milwaukee
In this episode of FoodCrush, our focus is on the modern bar scene in Milwaukee. We chat with longtime bar owner and Milwaukee native Michael Vitucci.
Dining - March 6, 2019
9 new & notable Lenten fish fries & seafood offerings
If you're looking for a new place to try, or a fish fry that's a little bit different from the usual, we've got nine great places to start. Two of the venues offer a gluten-free fish fry, and there's even a delicious vegan option, if you are so inclined.
Dining - March 4, 2019
Finding a taste of New Orleans: Milwaukeeans from NOLA weigh in
With Mardi Gras right around the corner, we reached out to a variety of former New Orleans residents who now live in Milwaukee to tap their brains for recommendations for things to eat during the Carnival season.
Dining - March 4, 2019
On the Burger Trail: The Pfister Burger
The Pfister Cafe & Lobby Lounge isn't the first place Lori Fredrich would have thought to try a burger. But after a glowing recommendation from an OnMilwaukee reader, she had to check it out.
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