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Dining - April 25, 2018
Blue Bat Kitchen & Tequilaria is open and here's a peek at what you'll find
Blue Bat Kitchen & Tequilaria opened quietly today at 11 a.m. And you need to do little more than step into the space to see that the former Water Buffalo restaurant has been utterly transformed.
Bars & Clubs - April 25, 2018
From Butterbeer to "Carbs Against Humanity," geek abounds at Oak & Shield
What do you get when you combine the assets of a board game paradise with cleverly named menu items and ultra-geek bar sensibilities? You get Oak & Shield, the new East Side gaming bar.
Wedding Guide - April 25, 2018
DiModa Garden Room offers boutique weddings on a budget
If you're planning a wedding, you know firsthand how many small details there are to pull together to make your day truly special. But thanks to boutique wedding packages at DiModa, you can avoid the hassle and have the day of your dreams at an affordable price.
Dining - April 24, 2018
Stone Creek pushes back opening date for new Downer cafe & kitchen
Stone Creek Coffee will be charting new territory with its new cafe and kitchen at 2650 N. Downer Ave. on Milwaukee's East Side.
Dining - April 24, 2018
Make plans for a foodie getaway during Lake Geneva Restaurant Week
Thinking about an early summer getaway? How about planning a trip to Lake Geneva to enjoy two of the areas foodie traditions, Taste of Lake Geneva and Lake Geneva Restaurant Week?
Dining - April 23, 2018
What Chefs Eat: Andrew Miller of Merriment Social and Third Coast Provisions
What do chefs eat when dine out? We asked the question of Andrew Miller of Merriment Social and Third Coast Provisions. He says he looks for simple well-prepared comfort-driven fare.
Dining - April 23, 2018
On the Burger Trail: The Filling Station burger at Riverwest Filling Station
The menu at Riverwest Filling Station features an eclectic selection of both American and internationally-inspired fare as well as a well curated menu of craft beer. But it also turns out it's a hidden gem of a spot to eat a burger.
Living - April 22, 2018
10 easy ways to stop killing the earth
Corporations and retailers across the globe are going green But consumer behaviors have at least as much, if not more, impact on the environment as the initiatives undertaken by businesses. Here are 10 easy things you can do to make a difference.
Dining - April 21, 2018
International Women's Day inspires year-long celebration at The Pasta Tree
Milwaukee is filled with inspiring women. Twelve of them will be honored over the next year during a very special celebration at The Pasta Tree.
Dining - April 20, 2018
Thank Cod it's Fryday: Explorium Brewpub
In this series, we're trying out some of the city's most popular fish fries. You'll find commentary, pro tips and ratings of the three staples of a classic Wisconsin fry: namely the fish, the potato pancakes and the classic Wisconsin style brandy old fashioned.
Bars & Clubs - April 20, 2018
Get your brews and bites at the new Eagle Park Brewing Co.
The Eagle Park Brewing Co. taproom is officially up and running in its new location on the East Side. And we've got a look at the new taproom, the beer and the internationally inspired beer-friendly menu.
Bars & Clubs - April 19, 2018
Do This: Celebrate six years of 3 Sheeps Brewing Co. at Apr. 21 anniversary bash
Time flies when you're having fun. And such is the case for 3 Sheeps Brewing Co., which will celebrate its sixth year with an anniversary celebration this Saturday beginning at 11 a.m.
Dining - April 19, 2018
Fat Dan's Pizza & Sammiches offers scratch-made fare for diners of all types
There's something for virtually everyone at Fat Dan's, including indulgent carnivorous burgers, vegan dishes and a gluten-free fish fry.
Dining - April 18, 2018
Local entrepreneurs launch Pintful protein-packed peanut butter
Peanut butter isn't as healthy as most people think. It's a realization that led two young local entrepreneurs to launch a product they're billing as "The World's Healthiest Peanut Butter."
Dining - April 18, 2018
Summer is coming (really), and so is the Lakefront Brewery Curd Wagon
Seems there's yet another thing to look forward to during our Great Milwaukee Summer, and it has everything to do with beer, cheese curds and Wisconsin bratwurst.
Dining - April 16, 2018
On the Burger Trail: The Fritzburger at Fritz's Pub
As of the writing of this article, there are exactly 24 more Fridays to enjoy Fritz's famous fish fry and just about 308 business hours to get one of their famous Serbian Fritzburgers. So we decided to get a jump on that.
Dining - April 16, 2018
What Chefs Eat: Jonathan Manyo of Morel
Chef Jonathan Manyo of Morel in Walker's Point has made a name for himself with beautifully prepared seasonally focused fare using the best local ingredients available. But, when it comes to dining out, anything goes, says Manyo, including butter burgers.
Dining - April 14, 2018
What chefs eat: Barkha Limbu Daily of the cheel
There's no shortage of articles and television shows that showcase the dishes that chefs love to cook at their restaurants. But, what do they love to eat at the end of their exhausting 16-hour days? Or on their days off?
Dining - April 13, 2018
Thank Cod it's Fryday: Polonez
In this series, we're trying out some of the city's most popular fish fries. You'll find commentary, pro tips and ratings of the three staples of a classic Wisconsin fry: namely the fish, the potato pancakes, and the classic Wisconsin style brandy old fashioned.
Bars & Clubs - April 12, 2018
Get ready for a bigger, badder Boone & Crockett, event space and more
In January, we brought you the news that Boone & Crockett, Taco Moto and both the Pedal and Paddle Taverns would be moving into the former Hot Water Wherehouse. And the time has come for that transition to begin.
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