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Dining - Oct. 21, 2017
Get your tickets for our first Let's Brunch! event
If you've ever wished you didn't have to decide among all the great brunch spots in town, then we've got an event that's screaming your name. Let's Brunch! will showcase offerings from some of your favorite brunch restaurants, along with some you may not yet have tried.
Dining - Oct. 20, 2017
Made in Milwaukee: Usinger's
Flip over a package of Usinger's braunschweiger and you'll find a minimal list of ingredients: pork liver, pork, salt, beef, onions, spices. And that old fashioned, no frills ingredient list is a pride-point for company, which has produced traditional sausages and meat products for over 130 years.
Dining - Oct. 20, 2017
Thank Cod it's Friday: Bass Bay Brewhouse
In this series, we're trying out some of Milwaukee's most popular fish fries, serving up commentary, fun facts, pro tips and ratings of the three foundational elements of a classic Wisconsin fry: the fish, the potato pancakes and the classic brandy old fashioned.
Dining - Oct. 18, 2017
Fall offerings at MOVIDA showcase synchronicity between bar and kitchen
Cocktails have been historically overlooked as potential pairings for food. But in recent years, as craft cocktails have become a more popular choice for bar and restaurant guests, most quality bar programs have synced their operations to reflect a responsiveness to dishes on the menu.
Dining - Oct. 18, 2017
3 Dishes: Chase Anderson of Dream Dance Steak
In this series, we ask chefs around the city to recommend three dishes that embody the best of what they offer. In this edition, we talk with Dream Dance Steak Chef Chase Anderson about his takes on their new dinner menu.
Dining - Oct. 17, 2017
Chefs' tattoos & the stories behind them: Adam Pawlak of Black Sheep
For Chef Adam Pawlak of Black Sheep and The Love Shack, tattoos have become a record of his experiences. "Over the years, tattoos have really become a way for me to keep telling my story," he says, "Whether it's my story in food or the more personal side of my life."
Dining - Oct. 16, 2017
On the Burger Trail: The Prime Burger at Stella Van Buren
Whether you're visiting for a burger at lunch or a steak or pasta at dinner, the experience at Stella Van Buren is inevitably enhanced by the floor-to-ceiling picture windows which offer a bird's eye view of Milwaukee's urban landscape.
Dining - Oct. 15, 2017
Wisconsinites, get ready: They're coming for our cheese
Things have been getting pretty silly online over the past couple of weeks as multiple plans have been hatched on Facebook by various groups - obviously jealous of Wisconsin's rich dairy stores - to sneak into Wisconsin and steal all of the state's cheese.
Dining - Oct. 13, 2017
Thank Cod it's Fryday: Wegner's St. Martins Inn
In this series, we're trying out some of Milwaukee's most popular fish fries, serving up commentary, fun facts, pro tips and ratings of the three foundational elements of a classic Wisconsin fry: the fish, the potato pancakes and the classic brandy old fashioned.
Dining - Oct. 13, 2017
Farmer's Fridge reboots the vending machine with fresh, healthy options
If you've ever wished there was a better, faster, more convenient way to eat healthy on the go, you might just be delighted with Farmer's Fridge, a brand new healthy food delivery system that will turn just about everything you know about vending machines on its head.
Dining - Oct. 12, 2017
10 food words you're probably pronouncing incorrectly
What's the proper way to say Sriracha? Or how about gouda? If you think you know, you might be wrong.
Dining - Oct. 11, 2017
Matador Taco & Tequila Bar slated to become Cantina
Tacos are staying, but there's a new owner moving into the short-lived Matador Taco & Tequila Bar space at 1110 N. Old World Third Street space. And they will open to the public on October 20.
Movies & TV - Oct. 11, 2017
TV's "Food Paradise" scheduled to film later this month at Good City Brewing
It's autumn, and the folks from Travel Channel's "Food Paradise" are making their annual October pilgrimage to the Cream City for more must-try eats and one-of-a-kind dining experiences. This time, they'll be visiting Good City Brewing.
Dining - Oct. 11, 2017
5 amazing sausages from Chef Shay Linkus' last menu at The Vanguard
The new menu at The Vanguard in Bay VIew is a finale of sorts for Chef Shay Linkus, who is leaving his post of three years to work on a new restaurant concept in Walker's Point. His parting gift? These five imaginative sausages.
Dining - Oct. 10, 2017
Chefs' tattoos & the stories behind them: AJ Dixon of Lazy Susan
The passion and ingenuity chefs posssess is apparent in the dishes they serve; but it's also evident in the tattoos they choose to put on their bodies. This series is a tribute to chefs and their creativity, both in their kitchens and on their skin.
Dining - Oct. 9, 2017
Cubanitas now open in Oak Creek
The second Cubanitas location opened late last week at Drexel Town Square in Oak Creek, joining a cadre of popular restaurants in the square, including Bel Air Cantina, Pizza Man and Valentine Cafe.
Dining - Oct. 9, 2017
On the Burger Trail: The Overstuffed Wisconsinite at Cafe Soeurette
Head to Cafe Soeurette and you'll find the restaurant abuzz, particularly on Monday evenings when it hosts burger night. Using little ordering cards, diners can fill in their options, from burger to bun and toppings, creating their own masterpieces.
Dining - Oct. 8, 2017
New concept on the way to long vacant Blackthorn Pub space
It looks the long-vacant space at 750 N. Jefferson St., in Downtown Milwaukee, that last housed Blackthorn Pub will finally see new life after nearly four years. A new bar and restaurant is on the way to the space from a long-time Milwaukee hospitality veteran.
Dining - Oct. 8, 2017
Hot ham and rolls: 7 spots to get your fix
Sunday hot ham and rolls is a long-held tradition for many Milwaukeeans. But, like many other things - including bubblers and Friday fish fry - it's something that often flummoxes visitors or those new to the area. Nonetheless, we love it. Here are seven spots to get your fix.
Dining - Oct. 6, 2017
Second annual Battle of the Chefs to take place Oct. 15
A brand new collection of competing chefs who will face-off in a three-round competition during the Second Annual Battle of the Chefs. The culinary competition and tasting event presented by SamanthaStarr Events takes place from 4 to 7 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 15 at The Chef's Table.
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