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Music - May 25, 2012
Milwaukee hip-hop videos galore: Dana Coppa, Prophetic, Gerald Walker, Dope Folk
While I've been off the grid, lots of stuff has been going on in the Milwaukee hip-hop scene. New projects have dropped, new singles have been released, and new music videos have been exploding all over the interwebs.
Music - March 27, 2012
Milwaukee music videos keep getting better: Altos and Logic & Raze
Just because Milwaukee UP is done doesn't mean that I'm completely going to fall off of the face of the earth. When I come across something that I think is cool, I'm going to share it with people, because that is still something that I feel is worthwhile.
Music - March 23, 2012
A farewell to Milwaukee UP
The idea of giving up the identity that I have cultivated over the last five years is a troublesome one. I have been an active member of the Milwaukee hip-hop community since 2007 and my love for the quality and quantity of output from its finest sources only grew that love. The part that music has played in my development is a reality that has recently become much more a discussion of my past rather than my present, and it is due to this attitude that I must end the run of Milwaukee UP.
Music - March 9, 2012
Milwaukee UP: Yearly 88Nine awards a success, as per usual
This last Tuesday 88NINE Radio Milwaukee held their annual award ceremony to celebrate some of the best that the Milwaukee music sphere has to offer.
Music - March 8, 2012
Milwaukee UP: Monster House needs love
Everybody wants to be loved and everybody unfortunately has to deal with the issue of heartbreak. This is the concept that Milwaukee's Monster House has brought forth on their new song "Love Me."
Music - March 7, 2012
Milwaukee UP: Gerald Walker and Cardo of Taylor Gang get their Sade on
Gerald Walker is back with a brand new cut from his upcoming release, a project called "Believers Never Die."
Music - March 6, 2012
Milwaukee UP: Madden Miles and TMB drop new beat tape
Several days ago I told you about a new beat tape that Madden Miles was working on in conjunction with East Coast-based hip-hop site, and today I'm able to give you the entire project.
Music - March 5, 2012
Milwaukee UP: Haz Solo teams up with Prof.Logik for new track, EP
That busy beaver who goes by the name of Haz Solo is working on building another lodge, this time with producer Prof.Logik.
Music - March 3, 2012
Milwaukee UP: DJ Bizzon extends The Takeover with new mixtape
Last night the very tall DJ Bizzon took his "Takeover" one step further by releasing a mixtape that put some of his favorite industry joints right next to some of his favorite local cuts - oh, which he took the time to remix.
Music - March 2, 2012
Milwaukee UP: Streetz-N-Young Deuces get High Off Life on Next Day Air single
Streetz-N-Young Deuces have been talking about their upcoming project "Next Day Air" for several months now, and today they launched the first single from the album/mixtape: a song called "High Off Life."
Music - March 1, 2012
Milwaukee UP: Madden Miles wants you to know that Large Marge sent him
Producer Madden Miles (formerly Mark V.) really likes to keep himself busy with the beats. Toward the end of last year he started collaborating heavily with East Coast-based music blog, and their partnership isn't slowing down.
Music - Feb. 29, 2012
Milwaukee UP: SPEAK Easy claims to be a Game Changer on new track
Yesterday I wrote about the new group called Monster House that was formed by Panic, Audiopilot and SPEAK Easy, and today I have for you a new solo song by SPEAK Easy.
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Music - Feb. 28, 2012
Milwaukee UP: Milwaukee now has some Monsters in their House
First there was Dr. Gregory House, the irritable M.D. that audiences love to love because of his quirky nature and his ability to save people. Then came Slaughterhouse, a collective of angry rappers that formed a group to set the record straight on what real rapping is all about in an attempt to save hip-hop from dying. Now Milwaukee can say they have a rap "house" collective with the newly minted group Monster House.
Music - Feb. 27, 2012
Milwaukee UP: SigNif gives you a Soul Clap
To add a little more support to her well-executed album "Embracing Rejection," NYC-by-way-of-MKE artist SigNif has released a brand new music video directed by her frequent partner-in-crime Darren Cole.
Arts & Entertainment - Feb. 26, 2012
Milwaukeean Jack Packard channels online laughs with
With the digital revolution we've seen every kind of technology and media format get smaller, while lending more empowerment to the average person. One local filmmaker and his band of brothers - one actual brother and one cousin - set out to turn their dream of making people laugh into a reality. Jack and Nick Packard and their cousin Jake Szymanski took their talents to Funny Or Die, and based on the hits their sketches get, they've delivered.
Music - Feb. 24, 2012
Milwaukee UP: Pizzle goes rapid fire on new song, drops new mixtape
If you've been following Milwaukee rapper Pizzle recently, you've probably noticed that he seems to grow by leaps and bounds with each project or single that he releases.
Music - Feb. 23, 2012
Milwaukee UP: Dolor drops some dope new doozies
When the mighty Dolor drops something, it's in your best interest to stop what you are doing and listen.
Music - Feb. 22, 2012
Milwaukee UP: Funny or Die + Logic & Raze + ice bowling tricks = Win
Combining a fantastic hip-hop song with a funny video sequence isn't anything new or necessarily groundbreaking, but there's just something about those two things together that almost always guarantees a huge laugh.
Living - Feb. 21, 2012
Hey there fatty, part 3: McDonald's and Coca-Cola, get a life
Part of the fun (sarcasm) of dieting and changing your food philosophy is the constant pull to the former fast food Dark Side that held your stomach soul in the deepest parts of its corporate safe. I stopped eating at them a month and a half ago, and there has been a change in me since I stopped.
Movies & TV - Feb. 20, 2012
ESPN gets racially insensitive against Lin, Farm Rich ad jokes about eating baby
I confess, the world that we live in is a very strange and disturbing place. Left is right and right is down just as often as left is left and right is right, it seems.
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