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Living - Aug. 23, 2019
A fast food lover's tips to healthy living
I've had a lot of people ask me lately why I'm not fat, so feel free to use these tips, tricks and philosophies that keep me healthy and skinny despite myself.
Living - March 26, 2019
Looking back at a decade in Milwaukee
It's been an amazing 10 years. Look me up when you visit and I, plus a few hundred thousand other friendly Milwaukeeans, will enthusiastically make sure you enjoy what we don't take for granted.
Sports - Feb. 2, 2019
Super Bowl halftime shows, ranked
Before the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots take the field Sunday and Maroon 5 provides the intermission entertainment, let's look back and rank all of the Super Bowl halftime shows.
Sports - Jan. 27, 2019
My day as Bob Uecker's teammate
The legendary Bob Uecker turned 85 years old on Saturday. We were teammates once. Yes, THAT Bob Uecker. The fact is I'll never forget that day in 1979, much less the time in the 21st century I actually talked to Ueck.
Living - Dec. 17, 2018
What's your favorite day of each month?
Within the course of three hours, I had three different people talk to me about the remaining two weeks of the year, each offering different opinions about the mood. It got me thinking about my favorite day of each month.
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Buzz - Nov. 27, 2018
A glass half-full or half-empty?
We all know the glass half-full versus half-empty analogy. But is it always consistent? Let's test the theory with the Brewers, the recent medical marijuana referendum and the state of Downtown Milwaukee.
Living - Oct. 19, 2018
Feeling old: Is there an app for that?
I always try to stay open minded and young at heart. There is one thing, however, about life in 2018 that does have me questioning my full participation in it: the insistence of every company to direct you to their app.
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Festival Guide - July 10, 2018
12 new State Fair foods Steve Palec can't wait to try
The Wisconsin State Fair is Aug. 2-12, and while that means entertainment, jobs, rides, competition, animals and various other aspects of summer, to me, it means FOOD. Here's some thoughts on the new choices this year, announced this week.
Buzz - May 7, 2018
Remembering local radio mainstay John Rausch, a friend and a fighter
I'm not sure this is the right word, but it was "poetic" that I heard about John' Rausch's passing on a Sunday morning while I was on the air. I don't know that the words I used did him justice, but I knew that he would have wanted me to play some Little Feat.
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Music - Oct. 3, 2017
Remembering Tom Petty: Honest, humble and anything but average
I've heard more than a few people refer to Tom Petty, who died Monday evening of cardiac arrest, as a "regular guy." I believe Tom Petty was humble and honest. But the rock and roll legend certainly wasn't regular.
Festival Guide - Aug. 1, 2017
Palec's official 2017 Wisconsin State Fair food checklist
The Wisconsin State Fair fires up Thursday, and that means a full state's worth of entertainment is headed to West Allis - as well as a full stomach's worth of crazed delicacies. To help, Steve Palec cooked up his official State Fair food checklist.
Festival Guide - June 25, 2017
20 Palec-approved new Summerfest foods you must try
After reading Lori Fredrich's condensed wrap-up of 15 of the more than 50 new food items at Summerfest's big anniversary, Steve Palec took his own look at the entire list to see what he considers his "must haves." I see 20.
Music - April 21, 2017
Talking the old days with Billy Bob Thornton
I've gotten away from using the phone. So when I am with the likes of a Billy Bob Thornton, as I was Wednesday before his Monday night show at Shank Hall, I not only think it's cool, but I find myself commiserating about the old days.
Dining - Jan. 26, 2017
I met Don Gorske, the man who's eaten 29,000 Big Macs - and counting
Don Gorske is in the Guinness book of World Records. He has consumed more than 29,000 Big Macs. And today, he was at the McDonald's on 66th and North Avenue to hand out limited editions of Big Mac sauce in a bottle, as well as interact with admirers.
Music - Jan. 3, 2017
The night Reitman introduced me to a music legend
The years erode my ability to recall what concert four of us from WSUW, the college radio station, drove to Milwaukee to see. I don't know who or where or how I even paid for a ticket. But what I do remember about that night was amazing.
Dining - Dec. 2, 2016
McDonald's cheese curds: Cheesy deliciousness or just meh?
How are the new cheese curds at McDonald's? Do they live up to the delicious squeaky beauty to which we are accustomed in Wisconsin? Steve Palec headed out to McDonald's to try out the new combo and he dished on what he liked, and didn't like.
Music - Oct. 6, 2016
Alice Cooper recalls some of his biggest hits and working with Gene Wilder
Before his Milwaukee Theatre show tonight, legendary rocker Alice Cooper chatted with WKLH's Steve Palec about his earliest and biggest hits, "competing" with fellow music greats, trading jokes with Gene Wilder and - 'tis the season - politics.
Music - Nov. 20, 2015
Remembering the Moon Fun Shop and Downtown '68
When I was a kid growing up on the Northwest Side of Milwaukee, whenever I had a little extra spending money beyond my consistent forays to buy candy or baseball cards, I couldn't wait to get Downtown.
Music - March 17, 2015
George's sister Louise Harrison celebrates Beatlemania in Kohler this weekend
The news of the Rolling Stones and Ringo Starr coming to Milwaukee brings up memories of the `60s debate in which people were relegated to being a Stones fan or a Beatles fan. I got the connotations then about the inherent differences, but I loved them both ... and still do. That's why a great way to celebrate the Stones announcement with a little bit of Beatles pleasure would be a trip to Kohler this weekend.
Festival Guide - June 29, 2014
Bryan delivers more than the typical country star formula
As the 2013 ACM Entertainer of the Year and Billboard's top country artist, there is no questioning the popularity of Luke Bryan, who headlined a sold out Marcus Amphiteater show Saturday night during day four of Summerfest.
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