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Movies & TV - Nov. 16, 2011
OnMedia: It sounds like curtains for NBC's "Community"
"Community" isn't on NBC's mid-season schedule. No, that's not a good sign for the innovative sitcom created by Milwaukee's Dan Harmon.
Movies & TV - Nov. 15, 2011
OnMedia: JS Online shoots Herman Cain video to networks
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel picked up a lot of national attention for a clip of Herman Cain seeming a little flustered over Libya. ... Bad news for "Community." ... So long, Regis.
Movies & TV - Nov. 14, 2011
OnMedia: A busy, busy few days
Yes, it does sound like Christmas on the radio. ... Two departures from Channel 4. ... Lots of Emmys for Channel 6.
Movies & TV - Nov. 8, 2011
OnMedia: Don't be afraid, it's only a test, a national test
If you're watching TV or listening to the radio at 1 p.m. Wednesday, get ready for a test.
Movies & TV - Nov. 7, 2011
OnMedia: A heroic Milwaukeean's quiet fight against Hitler
The World War II saga of Mildred Fish-Harnack is little known. But her efforts against Hitler from within Germany is told well in a new Wisconsin Public TV documentary. ... WTMJ-AM scores again in October. ... Time Warner Cable adds a few more HD channels.
Movies & TV - Nov. 3, 2011
OnMedia: Adam, it's LAMbeau, not LamBEAU.
Adam Richman took his "Man Vs. Food Nation" to Titletown and covered the necessary bases.
Movies & TV - Nov. 2, 2011
OnMedia: The media lessons keep coming from Herman Cain
It's not clear that he'll learn them, but Herman Cain's handling of the Politico investigations into sexual harassment claims against him provide great tips into how not to handle such a mess. ... Another Wisconsin visit for the Travel Channel's Adam Richman.
Movies & TV - Nov. 1, 2011
OnMedia: It looks like Channel 12 may be OK without Oprah
The first measurement of Channel 12's performance with ratings powerhouse Oprah Winfrey at 4 offers a little comforting news to the ABC affiliate. ... Don't worry about Fox dropping its programming from DirecTV. That was never going happen. ... If you're looking for Christmas on TV already, there's a comprehensive listing available.
Movies & TV - Oct. 31, 2011
OnMedia: Herman, what were you thinking?
The use of viral videos can be a valuable campaign tool. Or they can be really dumb.
Movies & TV - Oct. 28, 2011
OnMedia: Some ratings numbers, before the iPad
Channel 4 started its iPad promotion on Thursday promotion to boost 10 p.m. news ratings, and here are some numbers before that entered the Nielsen equation. ...
Movies & TV - Oct. 26, 2011
OnMedia: An iPad2 contest with two winners
If you were wondering why Channel 4 is starting a contest on Thursday, think ratings. ... "Walking Dead" gets a third season. ... A preview of Halloween on "The Office."
Movies & TV - Oct. 25, 2011
OnMedia: Will Ferrell joins a select group of funny Americans
Will Ferrell has joined a select group of funny people with this year's Mark Twain comedy award from the Kennedy Center. He deserves it. ... Channel 12 anchor Terry Sater's wife, Lynne, loses a cancer battle. ... An un-aired Steve Jobs skit from "SNL."
Movies & TV - Oct. 24, 2011
OnMedia: Al Jazeera does it again
Chicago's public TV outlet announces it's picking up Al Jazeera's English-language news outlet just as the Qatar-based channel scoops the world with first news of Gaddafi's capture. ... DirecTV subscribers are the latest TV viewers facing the loss of programming in a carriage dispute. ... NBC gets viewers ready for the return of "Chuck."
Movies & TV - Oct. 21, 2011
OnMedia: Big, but familiar, names for Brookfield movie opening
Director Penelope Spheeris and actor Matt Felker will be on hand tonight for the opening of "Balls to the Wall" in at Marcus' Ridge Cinema.
Movies & TV - Oct. 20, 2011
OnMedia: The Brewers end up No. 3 - on TV
New numbers from Nielsen show that the Milwaukee Brewers came in third in the 2011 season in their local TV ratings - tied with Boston. ... This season's first all-Christmas station is launched in New Jersey. ... Bryant Gumbel goes pretty far in criticism of NBA Commissioner David Stern.
Movies & TV - Oct. 19, 2011
OnMedia: Could the debate prize be cable TV shows for all of 'em?
Cable TV targets niche audiences, and the repeated Republican presidential debates on cable have shown us a series of potential cable stars.
Movies & TV - Oct. 18, 2011
OnMedia: How much is too much Wheldon crash video?
ABC was judicious in its airing of footage from the 15-car pileup that killed Indy racer Dan Wheldon. But CNN wasn't so cautious in airing the video.
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Movies & TV - Oct. 17, 2011
OnMedia: "Charlie's Angels" is the latest new show to be euthanized
You should not be surprised at the demise of "Charlie's Angels." ... Also gone is Jason Lee's "Memphis Beat." ... A look at Dan Wheldon.
Movies & TV - Oct. 14, 2011
OnMedia: Nope, all-Christmas radio is not just around the corner
I'm already getting questions about when a Milwaukee station or two will go all-Christmas. It's way too early for that.
Movies & TV - Oct. 12, 2011
OnMedia: This week's return of "Wisconsin Foodie"
After a year without new episodes, "Wisconsin Foodie" returns this week with 13 new shows airing on public TV. ... WTMJ-AM earns the best numbers in the nation at least partially thanks to a certain baseball team. ... Not all the new fall shows have started airing, including "Grimm."
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