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Living - Feb. 5, 2011
Sarah Foster says farewell
After two years, Sarah Foster is moving on.
Living - Jan. 29, 2011
Do you know your partner?
How well do you know the person you're dating? Does their past weigh heavily on your list of information to share?
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Living - Jan. 22, 2011
Put the spark back in your relationship
Most relationships, at some point, leave behind the thrill and excitement of "new" and settle comfortably in the "familiar zone." With the temperatures plunging, now's a good time to find that spark again.
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Sports - Jan. 8, 2011
A woman's view on the Favre mess
In case you haven't hard enough discourse on Brett Favre's fine, here's another take, this time from contributor Sarah Foster.
Living - Dec. 26, 2010
The curse of marrying jocks
Tony Romo, the Burlington native and Dallas Cowboys quarterback recently became engaged to Candice Crawford. Sarah Foster wonders if Crawford will soon be joining the same club as Deanna Favre and Elin Nordegren.
Living - Dec. 18, 2010
Dishing relationship advice is tricky
Some have made a name for themselves by telling people why their relationships are bad. For us amateurs, though, knowing when to step in, and what to say, is a little more difficult.
Living - Dec. 11, 2010
Just another day at the office...
Sarah Foster has already tackled the topic of dating in the workplace. Now, she wants to take a few moments to address those non-sexual, yet still uncomfortable coworkers, that can make going to work an unbearable experience.
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Living - Dec. 4, 2010
The sexy side of winter
It's easy to be single during summer. It's a hot, sexy time of year and it feels like singles come out of the woodwork during the warm months in the Midwest. But during winter, we prefer to hibernate and spend cold nights warming our feet under the covers with someone and a salad bowl full of mistletoe.
Tagged with: winter, romance, couples
Living - Nov. 20, 2010
Despite parents' opinion, couples should live together before marriage
Prince William and his fiancee, Kate Middleton, revealed they've been living together for many years prior to announcing their engagement this week. The Prince obviously didn't care what Charles or The Queen had to say about it and good for him.
Living - Nov. 13, 2010
Eating disorders about more than self image
Eating disorders are rarely about just looks. Like many addictive behaviors there are underlying issues making their way to the surface as an obsession with eating and weight.
Living - Nov. 6, 2010
No room for bullies in our schools
Recent stories about adolescent suicides have put the spotlight on bullying in schools.
Tagged with: bullying, harassment
Living - Oct. 23, 2010
Sixteen and irresponsible
Remember when MTV still played music videos? Those were the good old days. Now they bring us "thought-provoking" shows like "Super Sweet 16" and "Sixteen and Pregnant."
Living - Oct. 16, 2010
Favre is just another fallen idol
Sarah Foster was a big Brett Favre fan, even though his decision to leave Green Bay left her heartbreaking. The love affair came to an end when she, like many others, saw his "equipment."
Living - Oct. 9, 2010
Living life as somebody else
Ever get the feeling that you're not who people think you are? For some, that feeling can be overwhelming.
Living - Oct. 2, 2010
Some free advice for college freshmen
Living near a college campus allows one to reflect on their own college experience -- both the good and the bad. Sarah Foster has a few tips for those spending their first few weeks on campus and away from home.
Tagged with: college, dorms
Living - Sept. 25, 2010
Even perfect couples aren't always perfect
Most of us know at least one "perfect couples." But even those relationships can come to an end.
Living - Sept. 11, 2010
Taking a lesson from memories of Sept. 11
The September 11 terrorist attacks on took place nine years ago and while Sarah Foster has no problem remembering the day's events, she thinks some may have forgotten some of the lessons we learned from that day.
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Living - Sept. 4, 2010
Facing the facts about drunk driving
Who hasn't said "I'm fine" while getting behind the wheel of their car during an innocent night out on the town. Chances are, you're not as fine as you think.
Tagged with: drunk driving, madd
Living - Aug. 28, 2010
The slow march to the big 3-0
Sarah Foster isn't looking forward to turning 30. In fact, she's been 25 for four years.
Tagged with: aging, women, cougars
Living - Aug. 21, 2010
The other side of infidelity
You've heard it since you were a kid: "Cheaters never win." Infidelity undoubtedly can take an emotional toll on married couples, but it can also cause damage for the "other woman" in a relationship with a man who is cheating. Relationships columnist Sarah Foster talks to one of these women and the conversation is revealing.
Tagged with: cheating, infidelity, affairs
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