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 Arts & Entertainment - Jan. 11, 2011
 SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK - You're Invited to Help
 Last summer Milwaukee experienced, for the first time, free of charge to the audience ...SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARKAudiences loved it."Saw the performance today - magnificent ... Hope you are able to find the means to continue this venue. We drove an hour to get there and would do it over and...
 Travel & Visitors Guide - April 17, 2010
 The Rocking Chair
 After having been cooped up during our tour, my muttinsky Elliott is happily tearing around in the sunshine with the light keeper's dog. They're two black Lab blurs so similar that I call mine and end up with his.It's a gorgeous spring day and I'm even more in love with this little Lake Michigan...
 Arts & Entertainment - March 30, 2010
 Announcing the cast and crew for The Tempest
 “We are such stuff as dreams are made on …” The dream is Free Shakespeare in the Park.  And this summer, for the first time ever in the Festival City of Milwaukee, the dream will come true.  Outdoors in the courtyard of Alverno College, Optimist Theatre will produ...

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 Haunted house guide, 2011
 Hey! Thanks for including ...
 Article - June 7, 2011
 Shakespeare returns to the park
 Optimist Theatre just relea...