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Blog name: Your Milwaukee Dining - Local Restaurant Reviews
Location: Shorewood, WI
About me: Your Milwaukee Dining is a local blog to keep you informed on who is doing it great and who is missing the mark here in Milwaukee. Please enjoy my recommendations and spread the word about Your Milwaukee Dining! Thanks, Stephen

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 Dining - June 9, 2011
 Good things comes to those who wait and wait and wait..(The Pasta Tree)
 One of the things we enjoy most about Your Milwaukee Dining are the recommendations, observations and overall feedback from our readers and followers. We have visited a number of restaurants based solely on emails and tweets from all of you. That’s actually one reason you’re reading t...
 Dining - April 20, 2011
 Sensible pasta at centro cafe
 Finding a new restaurant that won't break the bank can be a tough task. So when good friends of ours suggested we try centro café in Riverwest (808 E. Center Street, next door to Fuel Café), we took their advice-and took them with us. When you walk through the door at centro you're ...
 Dining - March 27, 2011
 Three Lions Pub - Shorewood's British Side!
 Three Lions Pub recently opened in Shorewood taking the place of North Star Bistro that relocated right across the street. After countless days of driving by and trying to peek in I decided to actually stop, park and venture inside to have a look around.  I had received a number of questions...
 Dining - March 15, 2011
 Hinterland Gastropub - Eat & Repeat
 Once again two of our foodies sat down for a few meals, this time at Hinterland. Here’s what they experienced..We’ve heard nothing but positive things about Hinterland Erie Street Gastropub in the Third Ward (222 E. Erie). Naturally, we felt compelled to weigh in ourselves. Just a cou...
 Dining - Feb. 2, 2011
 Ginza Sushi from the Far West
 Our foodies are on a roll and they set their sights on Ginza Sushi Bar in Wauwatosa! Enjoy!I’ll admit, I don’t consider myself a sushi connoisseur. However I’ve explored a fair number of sushi restaurants and plenty of sushi varieties over the years. In Milwaukee, there are a fe...

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