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 Article - Oct. 31, 2011
 Pandering for ratings at Channel 4
 If you're referring to me w...
 Article - Oct. 18, 2011
 OnMedia: How much is too much Wheldon crash video?
 As I wrote, "It is, of cour...
 Article - Sept. 1, 2011
 OnMedia: "What about WUWM?"
 Public and non-commercial r...
 Article - Sept. 1, 2011
 OnMedia: Chicago TV discovers Milwaukee's food scene
 For the record, the show is...
 Article - July 19, 2011
 OnMedia: Rupert Murdoch's mess
 GC, MSNBC clearly has liber...
 Article - July 7, 2011
 Bill Michaels returning to radio
 I apologize for the typo, i...
 Article - June 28, 2011
 OnMedia: A soft morning launch at Radio Milwaukee
 I've been checking, and I c...
 Article - June 16, 2011
 OnMedia: Channel 12 on the verge of launching HD newscasts
 Sorry, but I don't have any...
 Article - June 11, 2011
 OnMedia: The "Fairness Doctrine" is finally fading away
 The only legislation I know...
 Article - May 26, 2011
 American Idol: The winner is ...
 I am feeling much better. T...
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