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 Living - Sept. 12, 2010
 OMC app for Android and iPhone
 This will be quick, because I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way. Who has the OMC app on their phone for either Android (my favorite) or the iPhone (bleh)? Now, I do like the app, it hits on all of the articles, and everything is great with it, no complaints on the content. My only g...
 Living - Feb. 8, 2009
 Super Sexy Move
 I have been thinking about bringing back the "move," you know it. The move where I would be with someone, and "accidentaly" spill something on my shirt, just so I could take off my shirt, and be all sexy and hot and stuff, like the guy who did it in the movie Ghost, in front o...
 Arts & Entertainment - Dec. 29, 2008
 Picks of 2008
 I wanted to get in the fun and put up MY PICKS OF here we go! MOVIE: Hands down, The Dark Knight. Greta movie, everything about it, amazing. Easy One.MUSIC: Hard to pick a number one, but here's a list of amazing things that happened this year for me: 1. Girl Talk-Feed the Animals ...
 Sports - Aug. 5, 2008
 Brett Favre, Pack, will have a Terrible Year
 Now, First off, I love Brett Favre, I love the Packers as a team more, but I do love Favre, amazing football player, one of the best ever. After saying that, this is where the title of my writing comes in, Brett Favre will have a terrible year.I do not say this because of the 6 or 7 weeks of hell...
 Bars & Clubs - May 23, 2008
 Dear Club Go-er,
  Dear Club Go-er, Let me first start by stating that I feel bad for you. I know most of you were the kid who was picked on in High School and now you find happiness in being the "cool" guy who goes to clubs, mainly Milwaukee Street, to reinvent URself. I would like to speak o...

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 Packers fans named best in the NFL
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