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About me: I'm a rock critic who just wants to write in as many different publications as possible. Add this one to the list. Hope you like it, and if you do, tell me. Also, if you don't like it, tell me. Then I can write you back and tell you I hate you. Goodnight chillens.

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 Music - Oct. 15, 2007
 Anybody See Wilco?
 Did anybody get to see Wilco at the Eagles Ballroom recently?If it were at the Riverside or Pabst or well, anywhere other than the Eagles, I woulda been there. I love Wilco immensly, I was just wondering if any of you fine young people saw it. If so, how was it?
 Music - Aug. 13, 2007
  They're are really a ton of great concerts coming up the next few months, here in Milwaukee. For starters, I CAN NOT wait to see Ryan MF Adams at the Riverside. This should be an amazing night. Although he might not be as funny and psychotic-ly entertaining as he used to be when he was com...
 Music - July 31, 2007
 Best Band In Milwaukee
  I will say this. I've never been a huge fan of local music, and unless I move to New York City or London, I probably never will be. I've always found local shows in Racine or Milwaukee to be a bunch of bands playing some form of hardcore/scenecore/sh**core music with a singer whose only mission...

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 Blog - Oct. 17, 2007
 Anybody See Wilco?
 Oh my god. You guys just ma...
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