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 Kids & Family - Sept. 17, 2009
 Blue Bird is BACK!
 Remember the missing Blue Bird that was in the news these past few weeks?  Well he is BACK!   The restored Blue Bird will be presented to Jacob, the boy the bird was stolen from, on Sunday September 20 at 2:00 PM by the Badger Kart Club during a racing event. The “Love T...
 Arts & Entertainment - July 12, 2008
 Damn Yankees
 Tickets! Tickets! Get your Tickets here! Last night was opening night of Damn Yankees at the Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove.  The musical by Douglass Wallop and George Abbott;Music, with lyrics by Jerry Ross and Richard Adler runs July 11-13, 17-20, 24-27, 31- August 3, 2008.  ...
 Buzz - March 10, 2008
 SB 42 Bill
 If you think 4 years is a long time for this past administration, try having your child bullied at school.Wisconsin is one of 13 states that does not have a bully bill and I need your help.Last week the Education committee met and passed on an 8-2 vote on the Bully Bill - SB42.  This is grea...
 Arts & Entertainment - Feb. 7, 2008
 The Lion King
 The Marcus Center for the Performing Arts is hosting The Lion King.  Tonights performance received a standing ovation.  I would highly recommend attending if you can.  The mucial was vibrant in colors, music and movement.  It was so beautiful, I cried at the end! I'm...
 Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 7, 2007
 Fishing at the Lakefront
  Friday afternoon I took my son fishing down at the lagoon by Summerfest.  The dog came with us and was so excited to go fishing, he ran ahead and climbed down these huge rocks.  He doesn't like to jump in the water - not knowing where the bottom is, and I was packed down like a m...

Recent Talkbacks
 Article - Dec. 31, 2009
 The East Side's new and improved car wash
 This is exciting! I wish I...
 Article - Dec. 31, 2009
 Former Channel 6 reporter buys $2.7 million home in greater Chicago
 Sorry, but how is this news?
 Article - Jan. 31, 2009
 The kid wants to see PG-13 movies
 My opinion is, that 6 is a ...
 Article - Jan. 20, 2009
 Polka tradition lives on at Concertina Beer Hall
 Andy is a wonderful neighbo...
 Article - Jan. 16, 2009
 No more carry-ins at Jazz in the Park
 How about that noise ordina...
 Article - Jan. 4, 2009
 Sound-off: What's your favorite local commercial?
 My favorite is the Learning...
 Article - Dec. 14, 2008
 Customers say Harbor 550 is closing, but it's still open
 so is it closed now?
 Poll - Aug. 9, 2008
 Will you root for Brett Favre as quarterback of the Jets?
 I think Farve made the mess...
 Article - Aug. 9, 2008
 Mommy needs coffee
 LOL - my son did that to me...
 Poll - Aug. 1, 2008
 If you had to choose, which of these would you pick?
 I wish I could have a tempe...
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