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 Article - May 17, 2017
 Sheriff David Clarke leaving Milwaukee for Department of Homeland Security job
 What's funny is that it was...
 Article - Jan. 27, 2017
 Donald Trump and David Clarke form tag team, 'rassle as Ebony and Ivory
 Amazing what passes for sla...
 Article - Dec. 12, 2016
 Release your inner Griswold with the 2020 sledding guide
 I love how the article list...
 Article - Nov. 14, 2016
 On rigged races, the media and Trump's America: Some final election thoughts
 Why would any future republ...
 Article - Oct. 21, 2016
 Clarke's "pitchforks and torches" comments could make recall a reality
 I'm sorry, I must have miss...
 Article - Oct. 5, 2016
 Sykes will be missed in the mornings on Milwaukee radio
 Conservative talk radio is ...
 Article - Aug. 18, 2016
 Sherman Park officer posted rap video with violent lyrics
 So suddenly we care about t...
 Article - Aug. 15, 2016
 Bicyclists denied service in McDonald's drive-thrus
 Oh give me a break. Either ...
 Article - June 9, 2016
 Huge jump in carjacking exposes problems in juvenile justice system
 There is no political will ...
 Article - March 17, 2016
 Davis endorsement makes strange bedfellows with Donovan in contest
  I love the mental gymnasti...
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