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Location: East Side Milwaukee
About me: Sagittarius. Writer. Wanna-be computer geek. Art lover. Music fanatic. Athlete. Milwaukeean for long as I can leave the country at least once a year.

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 Living - Feb. 9, 2010
 Top 10 ways to escape or (embrace) winter
 It's that time of year. The holidays left you dazed, your new year's resolution has come and gone, and you have settled into the cold comatose that is February in Milwaukee. Although February is the shortest month, this is about the time when winter seems to last too long.  Whether you chose...
 Dining - Jan. 15, 2010
 Coffee and sweets from the Middle East
 There are a plethora of Middle Eastern restaurants popping on the East Side's Farwell Avenue that highlight a variety of different Middle Eastern cuisines. First there was Casablanca (on Brady), then Mona's Turkish Schwarma, next came La Dolce Vita; and now, Mediterranean Sweets. Located a 1751 N...
 Movies & TV - Dec. 16, 2009
 DMB on the big screen
  The cinema experience has been a whole new ballgame lately. Marcus is giving movie-goers the chance to see concerts, operas direct from the Met and movies in 3D. Last night I saw the aptly-named movie "Larger than Life" featuring Dave Mathews Band in concert from the comfort of ...
 Dining - July 6, 2009
 Happy Birthday Rustico Pizzeria!
 There are advantages to getting older; you become wiser, more comfortable in your own skin, more confident in your abilities and develop loyal friends. Zartletti’s Rustico Pizzeria has done just that. Since my first visit last summer when it had just opened, it seems as though Rustico has r...
 Kids & Family - June 3, 2009
 OMC President Jeff Sherman's son is an uncanny replica
  I just took a stroll through the opening day of the West Town Farmer's Market - a great Wednesday escape for downtown workers - and I ran into man-about-town Jake Sherman. The ubiqitous one and a half year old was eating kettle corn like a crazy man. His sly flirtacious smile makes any&nbs...

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 A nearly perfect dining experience in Door County
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 Private Palate feeds your belly while keeping it fit
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 "Project Runway" star finds inspiration in Milwaukee
 Congrats on a great show la...
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 After renovation, Blu will be smoke-free
 Awesome - I hate when my ca...
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 Veteran media columnist Tim Cuprisin joins
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 San Diego: tell me what's on tap
 I was just there 2 weeks ag...
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