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Blog name: goJefferson
Location: Jefferson, WI
About me: Grew up on Newhall St., Maryland Ave. and Lac La Belle. Once known as the Father of Amiga journalism, programmer of a million lines of code, paleontologist, biologist, curator of the Jefferson Computer Museum, and now a small-town ISP and computer consultant at, tilter at windmills, gadfly of local Jefferson County politics, Iron Chef and King of All Media. Perhaps the only consultant in the county who will fix PC, Mac and Unix.

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 Buzz - Dec. 16, 2010
 Revisit the Kooky Cooky House on YouTube
 When winter comes around, I like to refresh my Kooky Cooky House web site.If you were a kid in Milwaukee in the 60s and 70s, you might remember seeing Santa at Capitol Court mall and eating a gingerbread cookie.This year, the additions to the site are spectacular.  Gino Salomone sent along a...
 Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 8, 2007
 Concern for the environment takes many forms
 You may have heard about Rep. Jim Ott's talk on global warming titled "How Much of Global Warming is Hot Air," held in Fond du Lac and sponsored by the local Republican Party. There's another opportunity to hear interesting speakers on the larger topic of the environment. The Edgerton B...
 Buzz - June 13, 2007
 Give thanks for all the Mr. Wizards
 June 12 marks the passing of Don Herbert, best known as "Mr. Wizard." Mr. Wizard was a teacher shared by millions. His career spanned six decades, first enriching the baby boomers in black-and-white and then color on NBC, then another wave of their children on Nick, then another wave in...
 Buzz - April 24, 2007
 Something special about the Milwaukee cruller
 Ask for a cruller, and you never know what you'll get.In Milwaukee, it's a long dark cake-like fried doughnut.  Anywhere else, you might get a wispy pâte à choux like a cream puff in a ring, or a knotted or twisted bready doughnut, or a boomerang, or something that looks...
 Buzz - April 2, 2007
 Video and cable debate heats up in Madison
 On March 27, 2007, a joint hearing took place at the Capitol to discuss a proposed "Video Competition" bill AB-207/SB-107. The hearing room overflowed with citizens deeply concerned about the threats posed by this bill. Most were associated with small-town "public access-government...

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