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 Buzz - May 13, 2008
 Boot camp for a boomer
  I get up every morning at 4:15.  I hop into the shower, jump into my sweats and then I'm off to Bradford Beach. Typically, all that activity before sunrise would send me straight back to bed; however, I'm on a mission - a mission to get fit. Don't get me wrong. I'm no couch potato and...
 Kids & Family - Dec. 19, 2007
 Goodbye to a woman of valor
  I knew a woman who believed that each of us makes the world a better place; that in the time we are alotted, we will give back more than just a fraction of what we take. The woman believed in goodness and salvation and lived an honorable and noble life - giving back in the name of us all. ...
 Kids & Family - Dec. 11, 2006
 The best house guests
 For the last 6 days, we've had guests - of the four-legged variety. Our kids are on vacation and we've added one dog and two cats to our home - one which, to most observers, would seem to already house more than it's share of animals. Having our own three dogs and two cats, one might assume ...
 Buzz - Dec. 3, 2006
 The shelves are stocked
 I drove to the store yesterday. The roads were clear, the shelves were well stocked with the necessities of life: toilet paper, bread and milk. I was inclined to fill my cart; after all, this was the beginning of winter. Surely, there would be many snow storms ahead. Then I remembered; "W...
 Buzz - Nov. 30, 2006
 Wisconsin, we've missed you
 Just about this time last year, we started thinking about returning to Wisconsin after twenty years away. A job had taken us far from family, lifelong friends and familiar places; all of which, over the years, served as fodder for countless family stories, told to keep alive memories of living i...

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