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 Sports - May 19, 2008
 Gwynn as DH???
  Tony Gwynn as DH? That is the last straw. Fire Ned Yost. That move makes no sense. I have been a supporter of Yost for a while. Why? I don't know. When you continually trot out the same starting eight and NEVER bench anyone, you give me little hope. I've been to four games this year (decent), b...
 Dining - Feb. 26, 2008
  Some thoughts on Jimmy John's
  I like Jimmy John's but I think they need to chill out. First, you walk in the door and some sporty looking kid screams at you, "What up dogg?" They give you no time to look at the menu before they harass you for your order. Call me old fashioned, but I'm not impressed by them putting ...
 Buzz - Dec. 8, 2006
 A Sea of Red Stripes
 After over 15 years of drinking, I have finally settled on a beer. It's probably not what you're thinking. This doesn't have double chocolate or raspberries, no. This is a simple, unassuming beer that isn't looking for the glory. It is just a quality beer that satisfies me in nearly every way. My...

Recent Talkbacks
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 Why don't I eat here more often?
 Had the Camaron a la Diabla...
 Article - March 6, 2013
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar should be Bucks coach
 Terrible Idea! The fact tha...
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 What are your "must buy" items from Trader Joe's?
 Wasabi Seaweed Snacks Omega...
 Article - Oct. 9, 2012
 Wolf Peach replaces Roots
 Sound good. I can't wait to...
 Article - Oct. 3, 2012
 Milwaukee's best restaurant, northern suburbs, 2012
 Pho Hai Tuyet? Am I wrong?
 Article - Oct. 2, 2012
 Bucks are committed to winning
 Good one.
 Article - Aug. 14, 2012
 First look at new Bay View Alterra
 Beautiful Building. I love ...
 Article - Aug. 7, 2012
 No more NRA
 People say Criminals will f...
 Article - Aug. 3, 2012
 ESPN is unwatchable
 It started to go downhill w...
 Article - June 14, 2012
 Tension on the Milwaukee lakefront
 Waaahhh! Waaahhh! Crybaby.
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