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 Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 17, 2007
 Bike School at the Milwaukee Bicycle Collective
 A month ago I didn't know the difference between a derailler and a spoke, and I had no reason to learn how to patch a tire because I had somehow been lucky enough to avoid any stray pokey things that litter the streets of Milwaukee (I'm still amazed), but after a few visits to Milwaukee's Bicycle...
 Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 20, 2007
 Thoughts on the upcoming weekend (Plus music talk!)
 Today marks the beginning of the Milwaukee International Film Festival which means I need to get on the ball in deciding which flicks I want to see. One thing I do know is I'll be attending a VIP Reception with Academy Award-nominated Willem Dafoe on Friday, who's films are being showcased all da...
 Music - May 24, 2007
 What's Your Seasonal Music?
  The weather transitions bring about musical transitions. The old, slow, introspective tunes of the winter will briefly retire while the hot, and bouncy, group-gathering music takes it's place. Among the bands that I have a feeling will resurface under the blazing sun: Westbound Train ...
 Arts & Entertainment - March 22, 2007
 A Man's Got to Know His Limitations, Briggs!
 This morning was, of course, delightful as are most mornings after the first rain after the first snow. I took my dog down by the lakefront, which provides she and I with a solid half hour workout and a beautiful view.The one thing that marred the occasion were the worms.I think I developed my ph...
 Music - March 16, 2007
 William Elliott Whitmore Satisfies
  I saw Iowa-native William Elliott Whitmore at Stonefly with some friends last night. Of the three times I saw him, this was probably among the best. My first experience with his bluesy, old-timey music was powerful and unexpected, and was also followed by the excellent band, Murder by Death. ...

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 Let's tone down the Mandela outrage
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