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Blog name: A Web Designer's View
Location: Milwaukee
About me: I'm passionate about designing and developing the modern day web.

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 Arts & Entertainment - Feb. 23, 2008
 Summerfest...... why?
 Why oh why did you design a website straight out of 1990? I have a choice of an all Flash site, or an "alternate" site built with a massive amount of tables...This upsets me. One of Milwaukee's largest events of the year, one of the largest Music events in the nation... has one of ...
 Marketplace - Feb. 5, 2008
 The Good (The Bad and The Ugly)
 The Internet is still the modern day wild west. Billions of people work, play and design on it everyday. Should everyone be allowed to do this? Yes, no, maybe? lets take a look at two Modern Day web designs.The Good recently noticed this home page redesign for the mammoth ...
 Marketplace - Jan. 2, 2008
 Snail Mail Woes...
 I'm a web geek. Most of my transactions, communication, daily mundane tasks are all done online. This includes printing postage for packages via UPS or USPS. I sell various items of mine on ebay, and have been for 11 years now. At the time, I use paypal to generate my UPS and USPS postage, t...
 Arts & Entertainment - Dec. 21, 2007
 In 2007. . .
 I've been following and their hilarious flash videos for awhile now. They were really hot during the debates of 04 and other times of the year. I have not seen one in awhile but this one is a pretty fun take on what happened in the year 2007. If you want a good (and clean) laugh for th...
 Bars & Clubs - Dec. 18, 2007
 How "NOT" to use Adobe Flash. . .
 I have heard alot of pretty good things about the bar Cuvee from and other patrons. It sounds like a very neat place. I think its the only Champaign Bar here in Milwaukee.My wife is going to an evening function their tonight and she wanted to look up the street address from their ...

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 What's up at "The Mix?"
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 What's up at "The Mix?"
 whats radio? I agree with ...
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