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Blog name: Miltown Musings
Location: Milwaukee
About me: I work in PR/Marketing for a nonprofit that serves people with disabilities (IndependenceFirst). I'm a community leader in my own mind. Also I'm a mom, wife, avid news reader and I love Bay View and Milwaukee.

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 Living - Jan. 5, 2009
 Is It So Wrong to Ho-Ho-Ho for So Long?
 Maybe it was the long 2 weeks home with the kids (and the holiday decorations) but I'm WAY over Christmas earlier this year than ever before.  I was ready to take down the decorations on Sunday.  But, in years past, I've left up my 4 trees and various decorations until after the Superbo...
 Living - Dec. 26, 2008
 Got My 40, Where's The Party?
  I remember many moons ago when "Getting A 40" was something some of my nefarious and not so nefarious associates might do, to get the party started.  Now, I'm looking at getting a soon-to-be 40-year-old husband some big whopping birthday celebration and I'm at a loss.  I hav...
 Kids & Family - Dec. 23, 2008
 Ready for My Wrap Album
 OK so this is a procrastination technique.  Plain and simple.  I have presents to wrap and got introspective...or that's my excuse right now anyhow.  I'm getting pensive and asking a lot of questions in my head about wrapping gifts as I'm doing it poorly--2 days before Santa arrive...
 Buzz - Dec. 18, 2008
 Snow Sucks: Even More for People Who Use Wheelchairs
 When it comes to shoveling--snow sucks. Many people say it, so do I sometimes. But, there are degrees of suck-itude when it comes to snow, my friends. A lot of people suck it up and don't say anything, but it affects them much more. I've come to realize that snow doesn't suck as bad for me as for...

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 Ellen's on the East Side
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 Mine: 1. When Goldman's c...
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