Glenn Beck ends his Fox News show today.
Glenn Beck ends his Fox News show today.

Glenn Beck's replacement: "The Five"

With Glenn Beck's final regular hour on Fox News Channel airing at 4 this afternoon, the channel announced that his replacement, at least for the summer, is a panel show called "The Five."

It launches July 11, and will feature a rotating panel including folks like Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Geraldo Rivera, along with guests.

Reruns of Glenn Beck will run all next week. It'll be pre-empted Friday by "What Makes America Great," hosted by John Stossel.

Doug Russell let go from WSSP-AM

In a tweet this afternoon, Doug Russell reported that the ax had fallen on him on sports/talk WSSP-AM (1250).

"Very, very dissappointed to announce that I have been let go at WSSP. To all of you that listened, THANK YOU! You all mean the world to me."

A couple hours ago, he had tweeted: "Terribly dissappointing day. More to announce later."