A simple phone call to your significant other can make a big difference in a relationship.
A simple phone call to your significant other can make a big difference in a relationship.

A little phone call (or text or e-mail) goes a long way

Being apart from the person you're currently seeing can be a nice break. As you get closer, it can become easy to take it for granted that thee other person will always be around.

The novelty can wear off a bit, as harsh as that may sound, and it can be nice to remember what it felt like to miss them. That feeling you get in your stomach when you see them again.

We all need time to ourselves or time away, even if we aren't good at being alone or apart, each of us needs that now and then. However, if time apart routinely leads to conflict, it's important to know why. Whether we're talking about a 10-day vacation or just a night on our own, does time apart equal "out of sight, out of mind," or does absence truly make the heart grow fonder?

When you travel out of town on business or vacation and you've left your special someone up to their own devices, you're likely either too busy with work-related events or too busy doing nothing more than slugging back margaritas and getting a tan to spend much time wondering what they're up to.

It can be easy to find yourself -- not forgetting that other person exists but -- just forgetting that you promised to call at a particular time. We all know time doesn't exist in places like the Bahamas or Las Vegas. Not calling on time isn't devastating by any means, but to the person hoping you will call it's frustrating and a little hurtful. While you want the other person to enjoy him or herself, it's not particularly pleasant to get the impression that you're the absolute last thing on their mind.

Everyone knows those couples that refuse to leave one another due to insecurity, the ones that can barely handle going to the bathroom separately; we all know we do not want to be one of those couples. It's not good for you on a personal level to constantly be with someone and it's not good for your relationship. Neither are constant phone calls, texts or e-mails when you're away. (By the way, this does not apply …

Is it true that three is company? Depends on whom you ask.
Is it true that three is company? Depends on whom you ask.

When it comes to sex, is three company or a crowd?

The threesome.

It sounds somewhat intriguing, yet intimidating because you now have twice as many people to impress.

Sex is great, but is two really better than one?

The porn industry essentially molds itself around threesomes. The more, the merrier is practically the slogan. Keep in mind, that's porn; most of these people would have sex with a lawn chair if a paycheck was involved. As for the rest of us, this three-way action may take a bit more thought.

Initiating the act should be done only after setting some ground rules, if you are indeed in a relationship with one of the two participants. The potential for jealousy is high for each person involved, but obviously more so if two out of three are in a relationship and whether it's two guys one girl, the other way around, three chicks or three dudes, the attention should be spread as evenly as possible.

The idea, guys, I'm sorry to say, isn't just to have two girls pleasuring you six ways from Sunday. The point of a threesome is to have everyone involved and enjoying themselves.

There are some obvious benefits to having sex with more than one person at the same time. Think of the near-sensory overload. If you're the guy living the fantasy of two girls at once, then congrats, you've gone where many men won't have the opportunity. Enjoy it while you can. Men are by nature very visual and for most the more visual stimulation the hotter the situation.

However, guys, if the two ladies living out your fantasy start paying more attention to each other than to you don't just sit there pouting; you've got two hands and a mouth, use them.

Most straight men get a little squeamish about the two guys, one girl set up. You do need to be aware that while you might only be interested in the woman, one way or another you are going to wind up inadvertently touching that other guy and it would be wise to have a game plan.

This all plays into the age-old stigma that girls can be inti…

"I like them big, strappy and in every color imaginable."
"I like them big, strappy and in every color imaginable."

No business like shoe business (and other fetishes)

I have a fetish.

I like them tall, usually strappy and in every color imaginable. There, I said it; I have a shoe fetish. Not in the sense that I get aroused by shoes, necessarily, but when I see a pair of shoes that I like, I can barely think about anything else.

True fetishes come in many varieties. Whether its feet, butts, breasts, piercings, domination / submission, pain or even fetishes with certain fabrics, they are all over the map and vary in degrees of strangeness and severity. Many people embrace their fetishes and don't consider these obsessions to be debilitating or dangerous to any degree. A severe fetish, those requiring professional assistance, are ones that negatively interfere with daily life.

One rather well known yet rarely disclosed fetish is the "Golden Shower." Sounds delightful, borderline regal, the latest spa treatment rumored to make your skin glow. Not so much. There is not one piece of me that gets excited at the idea of peeing on someone or being peed on, but for some this is the ultimate in foreplay. And yes, some even take it to level deuce ... which gets my official definitive "Ick" stamp. I'm all about down and dirty, but that's one level of dirty I just cannot fathom. Women especially spend a fair amount of effort trying to make men believe that we don't have bodily functions at all, let alone a desire to share them. If you can barely get yourself to pee with the bathroom door open, this one probably isn't up your alley.

Foot fetishes are intriguing (maybe it has something to do with the aforementioned shoe issue), not because I really love feet, but because it seems like so many people do and so many feel just the opposite. Many people cannot stand to have another person's feet even touch them and it's a stretch to imagine putting them in our mouths ... or wherever else. We walk on our feet all day long. They are what touch our bathroom floor in the morning and what walk around on city streets dodging gum, s…