The idea of a sex column conjures many cliches.
The idea of a sex column conjures many cliches.

Meet our new sex columnist

Sex columnist ... The title -- and the entire concept -- conjures a lot of clichƩs immediately. I know what you're thinking -- here's another girl believing she's the next Carrie Bradshaw.

I'll admit, I'm a huge "Sex and the City" fan, but I'm also a rational enough human being to know that show was an escape fantasy based very loosely on the real-life situations that we each deal with day in and day out.

I don't know if any of you are so lucky, but none of the crises I go through ever seem to be fixed over the course of one hour. Despite my great desire, I do not have the joy of spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on shoes and clothing without ever worrying about debt, credit ratings or a declining economy. And perhaps most telling, I do not have the ability, nor the sanity, to freely date and sleep with more men than I can list on a Post-it.

In my opinion, America has a very backwards attitude about sex. Look around. Sex is EVERYWHERE. It's on magazine covers, television, advertisements and, of course, the internet.

And yet for some reason, most of us still treat it as a taboo topic. We make jokes about it, gossip about it and make guesses as to who's doing it with whom, but it's rare that we talk seriously about sex. Teen pregnancy is through the roof, STDs are affecting younger and younger generations and yet we still think that sex is something best talked about behind closed doors.

Sex is the elephant in our living rooms and while we're busy being politically correct, our children are having children.

I have friends that have admitted they've had unprotected sex because they were too embarrassed to say anything about using a condom in the "heat of the moment."

Really, people?

If you're too embarrassed to ask about protection, how embarrassing is it going to be when your doctor tells you that cute guy or girl you've been seeing gave you herpes? Or worse yet ladies, that you're pregnant?


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