Classy Girl Cupcakes opened in November (photo: Matt Fornear).
Classy Girl Cupcakes opened in November (photo: Matt Fornear). (Photo: Matt Fornear)

Classy Girls cash in on cupcake craze

Is it safe to say 2010 was the year of the cupcake? I think the answer is a resounding yes. There's everything from "Cupcake Wars" on our televisions to Iron Cupcake challenges in our own backyard. Cupcake imagery graces everything from jewelry to bicycles, and clothing.

Yep, cupcakes sure are cute. But what about the actual cupcakes? The ones you eat? Or in my case, devour oh-so classy like. Those are hard to come by, believe it or not. Our fair city isn't exactly the cupcake capitol of the world, until this past November when Classy Girl Cupcakes opened shop in their brand new beautiful bakery at 825 N. Jefferson St. in Cathedral Square. I spoke with Sara Hanson who co-owns the Classy Girl cupcakery with Erica Elia. Turns out, they're no strangers to these lil' cakes o' cups. Who are the classy gals behind Classy Girl Cupcakes?

Sara Hanson: The classy girls behind the operation are owners, best friends and sisters-in-law, Sara Hanson and Erica Elia. We also have Rachel Ester, a part-time baker who is quickly working her way up the Classy Girl ranks. Between the two of us, Erica does the baking because quite honestly I can barely make a bowl of canned soup. With her baking expertise and my education in business we divide our responsibilities accordingly. Erica was a lawyer previously, so she also makes sure we always have everything up to par on the legal side.

OMC: How did you get started baking cakes o' cups?

SH: This business began after Erica made the cupcakes for her own wedding in August of 2009. While looking for a vendor she discovered that nobody offered the cheesecake cupcakes she was looking for, and if she went with a cake she would be looking at the cake cost plus a cutting fee that could be as much as $2 per person. Even with a smaller wedding like hers the cutting fee could reach as high as an additional $150! That's when she decided it would be best if she just made all of the cupcakes herself for her wedding--which is no smal…