Nori's serves up New York-style pizza that's as good delivered as it is eaten in house.
Nori's serves up New York-style pizza that's as good delivered as it is eaten in house.

In search of the perfect pizza: Nori's

In July, Esat Berisha opened Nori’s Pizza at 2951 S. 13th St. A friend who lives in the area was giving it rave reviews, so I put it on my list and recently had the chance to try the pizza when we ordered delivery from Brenner Brewing during the Packers game two weeks ago.

I was curious to see the space itself, so I visited last week. Unfortunately, I was unable to reach Berisha to hear how he got started in the pizza business.

The store was clean, which was encouraging. Nori’s Pizza has a few tables for dining in, but most of its business seems to be delivery, which is available for orders of $10 or more for a $2 delivery charge. Pizza by the slice is available with slices ranging from $2.50 to $3.50 with at least five different pizzas to choose from.

Nori’s menu includes pizza, calzones, appetizers – such as wings, pizza fries and garlic bread – and a few desserts such as cannoli, tiramisu and cheesecake.

The hand-tossed New York-style crusts come in 14- and 18-inch sizes. Cheese pizzas are $9.49 and $13.49 respectively, with toppings ranging from $1.60 to $2 each. Specialty pizzas range from $12.99 to $19.99 and include meat lovers, supreme, Hawaiian, Margherita, veggie, mac 'n' cheese, lasagna and mango habanero, which features mangoes and a habanero pepper sauce.

We ordered the meat lovers and supreme pizzas.

The meat lovers is topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, ham and mozzarella cheese. I was impressed that the ham wasn’t diced like I usually find. Instead, slices of ham were cut and applied liberally. I was also impressed that the sausage and pepperoni were both spicy. I’ve been disappointed to find so many pizzas with very mild sausage and pepperoni, especially New York-style pizzas, so this was a nice surprise.

While I prefer chunks of Italian sausage over the sliced sausage that is commonly found on New York-style pizzas, the flavor and spice level left me satisfied. The amount of cheese applied was adequate, but I th…