The Sounds Of Time chat with WMSE's Local/Live.
The Sounds Of Time chat with WMSE's Local/Live.

WMSE Local/Live: Milwaukee hip-hop duo The Sounds Of Time

The Sounds Of Time expertly create hip, retro-laden hip-hop gems, filled with a bit of disco, soul and lots of references to everyday life in their hometown of Milwaukee. They utilize the golden sounds of the golden era of hip hop (as well as funk and soul) to fuel their own creative output. Fronted by rapper Kid Millions (John Kuester) and flanked by multi-instrumentalist and producer Sage Schwarm, the duo honorably does not use any outside samples, instead choosing to create their own samples with organic instrumentation (guitar, synths, bass, etc.).

One of their first collaborations was before they officially teamed up (for Kid Millions’ 2009 release, "Recession Proof Rap," which Schwarm produced). Soon after, the The Sounds Of Time was formed, their likemindedness and differences both coming together to fuse their unique sound.

"When I opened up a record store in 2000, I really got into the funk and the hip hop" says Kuester. Schwarm adds, "My last band before I was working with John was called Codebreaker, and it was an all-synth band ... techno, disco, etc. and that just kind of stuck."

Kuester dug even deeper, explaining, "We first worked together around 2006 – he produced a track that we worked on when I first started recording. We were friends way before that ... I’ve known him since ’97-ish [when he was in The Thousandaires)."

On Tuesday, March 8, The Sounds Of Time played on WMSE’s Local/Live. The duo has three recent singles out – "Three Sheets," "In a Graveyard" and a Cars cover, "Just What I Needed" – and plan on releasing a couple more singles soon with an official full-length, single by single, out by year’s end. The Sounds Of Time will also be playing several shows coming up, including playing the 25th anniversary "silver celebration" show for the Little Blue Crunchy Things at Shank Hall on Saturday, April 30 and the Brady Street Festival this summer.

The Sounds Of Time played two live sets on Local/Live, featuring those new…

As the title of his tour would suggest, David Cross went political for strong comedic effect Tuesday night.
As the title of his tour would suggest, David Cross went political for strong comedic effect Tuesday night. (Photo: Adam Miszewski)

David Cross takes on politics at Super Tuesday Pabst performance

Comedian David Cross was not scared to voice his liberal viewpoints at The Pabst last night in appearance that was part of his "Make America Great Again" tour.

You might remember Cross from his eccentric never-nude character, Tobias Funke, on Fox’s "Arrested Development," who famously "blue himself." He also c0-created and co-starred in HBO’s "Mr. Show" and is currently on Netflix’s "W/Bob and David."

Known for his offbeat comedy, Cross took the stage looking scraggly, donning a sea captain’s beard accompanied by a plaid shirt and a baseball cap. It was disconcerting to folks used to seeing him with a mustache and proudly presenting his bald head.

Cross started out with light observational humor about his travels across America during his tour and about his cheese curd-fueled weight gain. However, about a half hour in, he began tackling hot political topics and was not shy about expressing his political opinions.

Since yesterday was another Super Tuesday, Cross asked the audience if they knew the outcomes of the day's primary races and said he was crossing his fingers that Bernie Sanders would win one. He railed against Trump, saying none of his policies make any sense and even went as far as to call him "Klan-tastic," referring to how he took his sweet time in disavowing support from the KKK.

Cross adopted a Southern accent while pretending to be an uninformed Trump supporter, which hit well with the audience. He touched upon the ridiculousness of the phrase "Make America great again," which he adopted – clearly ironically – as the name of his tour.

He went on to rant about how mortified he was with how the country was dealing with gun control. Cross cited the Sandy Hook incident, saying it obviously wasn’t enough to actually do anything to help curb gun violence. He wasn’t afraid to take things to the next level and talked about how a senator who supports the NRA would feel if his kid was shot to death. He also talked about how unstable peop…

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Grab your favorite drink, put on your favorite show and prepare your liver.
Grab your favorite drink, put on your favorite show and prepare your liver.

Bottoms up: TV show drinking games

"Bar Month" at OnMilwaukee is back for another round, brought to you by Great Northern Distilling: grain to glass spirits, handmade in Wisconsin. The whole month of March, we're serving up intoxicatingly fun articles on bars and clubs – including guides, the latest trends, bar reviews, the results of our Best of Bars readers poll and more. Grab a designated driver and dive in!

Grab a drink and catch up or re-watch some great shows and make it a little fun with adding these amusing drinking games.

"Fuller House" 

"Fuller House" is painful to watch because of the predictable jokes and incredibly simple story lines. However, this show isn't going away since it's been renewed for a second season on Netflix so whether I like it or not this show is here to stay. However, to all the fans who want to watch the spin off, and to those of us who need to drink while watching it here's the game:

  • Drink every time a catch phrase is said ex: "Have mercy!" "How rude" "Oh Mylanta" "Hello Tanterinos"
  • drink when Jessie talks about his hair
  • drink every time "everywhere" is sung in the opening credits
  • waterfall during the music for the emotional "we learned something today" moments
  • take a shot if there’s a flashback to the original series

"Game of Thrones" 


Everybody's favorite fantasy show is coming back in April. If you haven't caught up or just want to re-watch the last few episodes to refresh your brain here's how you can make the show a little more interesting and experience Westeros like our little friend Tyrion does. Drunk.

  • drink every time anyone on the show is drinking
  • drink every time Sansa whines
  • take a shot every time someone dies
  • drink every time Hodor says "Hodor
  • waterfall l until a sex scene is over 

"Bob's Burgers"


"Bob's Burgers" is undoubtedly one of the funniest shows on television which isn't a surprise since it's currently on its sixth season. The animated show is about a guy who owns a struggling burger joint with an eccentr…

Life as a substitute teacher can be an adventure.
Life as a substitute teacher can be an adventure.

Trials and tribulations of a substitute teacher

It’s 5 a.m. when the alarm clock announces the start of another day in the substitute teacher trenches. My eyelids don’t want to open, but that’s on me; I was up half the night watching "Marvel’s Jessica Jones" on Netflix.

It doesn’t matter. All problems can be solved after a 44-ounce Mountain Dew from Speedway. With caffeine roaring through my veins and an Allman Brothers CD cranked on the stereo, I speed off in the predawn darkness to the day’s assignment. "Oh, they call it Stormy Monday, but you know Tuesday’s just as bad ... "

Hail Mary in the classroom

At 7:15, I walk into the office at an elementary school on North Avenue. The staff is very friendly, and I think almost relieved to see me. After handing me a set of keys and a green folder marked "Guest Teacher," they point me down the hallway that leads to my room for the day. "Guest teacher," I chuckle to myself as I pore over the contents of the folder. The guy who coined that phrase probably changed "hillbilly" to "Appalachian-American."

My heart starts pounding when I see lunch hour scheduled from 11 to 11:15. Other than that, no breaks. Oh, man, come on. That’s gotta be a clerical error or something. As I reread the agenda looking for additional salvation, a strident voice in the hallway says, "Come on, come ON. The buses are here, and you need to be at Door 2 to pick up your kids!" Any response is pointless. The last part of that admonishment is in the slipstream created by an experienced, fast moving teacher already on her way.

I arrive at Door 2 just a second or two behind. My kids are lined up behind a numbered circle painted on the asphalt. Judging by the startled look on the faces of 32 second graders, it’s obvious they weren’t expecting to see a 225-pound, 6’2" man escorting them to class.

"Hey mister, you forgot our breakfast," one of them says, pointing to a pile of boxes. A cafeteria employee hands me a blue milk crate and the rest of the stuff earmarked for our room…