Some don't need to steal the sign, just scribble on it.
Some don't need to steal the sign, just scribble on it.

Most stolen road signs (Bong State Area included)

Last weekend, I went camping at the Richard Bong State Recreation Area in Bristol, Wis., which we lovingly refer to as "The Bong."

Prior to our trip, I looked it up on Wikipedia, and was reminded that the park's signage is often stolen. Wikipedia went so far as to say it's in the Top 10 of signs most commonly stolen in the world.

I could not verify this as fact, but I did discover other signs that are commonly swiped by  travelers with sticky fingers and a sophomoric sense of humor. And guess what? The snagged signs usually allude to sex or drugs.

Although I did not find proof, I'd imagine Spread Eagle and Climax -- both towns in Wisconsin -- have a fair share of snickering and possibly occasional theft.

Other commonly stolen signs:

Abbey Road / Penny Lane
Beer Road in Orange, Australia
Condom, France
Corona Street in Denver, Colo.
Dildo, Canada
F-cking, Austria (Only 30 minutes away from Petting, Germany!)
Haight Street and / or Ashbury Street in San Francisco
Intercourse, Penn.
Lost, Scotland
Mary Jane Way in Ashland, Ore.
Ragged Ass Road in Yellowknife, Canada
Route 66
Shag Point, New Zealand
Southpark Drive in Blacksburg, Virginia
A road sign between the English towns of Ham and Sandwich was changed from "Ham Sandwich" to "Sandwich Ham" after it was stolen numerous times.
Any sign with the numbers 69 or 420 (the latter is a marijuana reference.)


design037 | Aug. 20, 2008 at 3:33 p.m. (report)

i grew up on 'Easy Street' in Muskego, WI .. our street signs would get stolen 3x a year, sometimes more. then the city wised up and started .. uhm. .. greasing the poles. Interestingly, we lived a neighborhood away from Mystic Lane, whose signs mysteriously disappeared at the same time. Maybe it was the Hunchies...

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