Celebrate everything "My Little Pony" this weekend.
Celebrate everything "My Little Pony" this weekend.

Weekend festival welcomes "My Little Pony" fans of all ages

Wisconsin's first annual "My Little Pony" fan convention ‚Äď called "Ponyville Ciderfest" ‚Äď is expected to bring 600 fans to the Hyatt Regency this weekend, Nov. 7-9.

Originally a television show geared toward young girls, "My Little Pony" now has fans of all ages and both genders, including grown males who refer to themselves as "Bronies" ‚Äď a term combining "bro" and "pony."¬†

Bronies have a large Internet presence and profess their "My Little Pony" or MLP (as they call it) admiration on Facebook, Twitter and dedicated message boards. Some Bronies are specifically smitten with the show "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic," which premiered on The Hub in 2010.

Although there are women who identify as a "Brony," there is also an all-female group called "Pegasisters."

"Ponyville Ciderfest" will feature many actors from the TV show including: Andrea Libman (voice of Pinkie Pie / Flutteershy), Peter New (voice of Big Mac), Sam Vincent (voice of Flim), Michelle Creber (voice of Apple Bloom), Ingrid Nilson (voice of Maud Pie) and G.M. Berrow (author of "My Little Pony").

Events include The Grand Galloping Gala, an apple pie bake-off, a Saturday night concert filled with "My Little Pony" fan musicians and performers, collectible card game tournaments hosted by Enterplay and more.

Because Bronies are known to be kindhearted, pop culture enthusiasts who just like to get their geek on with other Bronies, I don't judge. Giddy up, guys.


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