Why just hand someone a beer?
Why just hand someone a beer?

Local "Hey, Pass Me A Beer" video goes viral

"Hey, Pass Me A Beer" is the latest video from Milwaukee-based brothers Jack and Nick Packard and it's already nabbed 115,000 views on Funnyordie.com and another 120,000 on YouTube.

As the title suggests, the premise of the two-minute video features the brothers passing each other cans of Old Milwaukee in very extreme ways, some of which include a skateboard, trampoline and sling shot.

The video was filmed a month ago in Jack's Bay View backyard, their mom's Wind Lake yard, Humboldt Park and on top of Comedy Sportz. Tim Higgins, who also contributed to the video, is a Comedy Sportz member.

The brothers have worked together before under the name Almost Twins ‚Äď which includes their cousin Jake ‚Äď and have released numerous other videos including "Ice Cold Bowling Trick Shots" and "More Awesome Bowling Trick Shots."

Many of the beer can passes took hundreds of takes, but Jack says it was good they had so many failed attempts because by the time they got it, the beer was so shaken up it exploded more than it would've if they caught it sooner.

"Even some of the easier tosses took forever," he says.

Jack says he and Nick, who are 11 months a part, were not always close, especially during their high school years at Greendale High School. "He was the jock and I was the nerd. We didn't get along in any fashion until after college, when we realized we were both nerds," he says.

Jack says he is in communication with Old Milwaukee and there's a chance it will sponsor a second video.

"There's no details yet, but it's very exciting," says Jack. "We really like our Old Milwaukee."



InTheView | June 14, 2012 at 8:38 p.m. (report)

what a waste of beer..... oooo... wait... old Milwaukee... that's not beer...

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