Let's get sh*t done this week and feel good about ourselves.
Let's get sh*t done this week and feel good about ourselves.

Join me in "Loose Ends Week"

The big picture aspects of life – relationships, employment, housing and finances – are challenging enough, and yet the minutia can really take a toll on a person. Many of us are keeping it together, for the most part, in our homes and at our jobs, but details like "don’t forget to make that doctor’s appointment" or "you owe her an email" nag and nag and nag.

With that in mind, I decided to dedicate an entire week to tying up a few loose ends in my life that have been dangling over my head for a while. For fun, I threw it out on Facebook and received a positive response from others who wanted to take part, as well. And so I randomly chose this week, July 17-23, as "Loose Ends Week," an unofficial celebration of commitment and completion.

And now, OnMilwaukee readers, I challenge you to join us this week in tying up a few of your loose ends. I recommend writing out a paper list – with no. 1 on the list being "make a list" so you can immediately cross something off – and then jot down a few other things that you’ve been meaning to do for some time that you are going to do this week.

How is this different than making a to-do list any other week of the year? It’s about holding yourself accountable and receiving support. Pledging to yourself (and, if you want, to others) that you are going to do something this week might make it more likely to happen and also provide the warmth and satisfaction of knowing other people are struggling to get it all done, too.

The purpose of Loose Ends Week is not to add extra stress to your life. It’s intended to make you feel accomplished and give you a "woot woot" moment when you finally make that call or finish that unfinished project that’s been mocking you with its unfinishedness.

If you want to share your intentions to participate in Loose Ends Week, post this story to Facebook, invite your friends to participate and feel free to tag OnMilwaukee and include the hashtag "looseendsweek." Or, of course, just par…