James Ride for Charity is on for Saturday.
James Ride for Charity is on for Saturday.

Riverwest kid organizes "Ride For Charity" to support river cleanup, co-op

Third grader James Reimer has lived in the Riverwest neighborhood his entire life, and now, because so many people are suffering, he wants to do something to help his community.

On Saturday, June 6, James will attempt to ride his bike for six hours straight up and down Fratney, a Milwaukee Active Street, under the supervision of his parents, Matthew and Hannah.

He is calling his ride the "Riverwest Ride For Charity" and plans to raise money for the Riverwest Co-op and the River Revitalization Fund.

James, who attends the University School of Milwaukee, created the ride for a school project and after learning about Captain Tom Moore, the 99-year-old army veteran who raised $40 million for Britain’s National Health Service charities after pledging to walk 100 lengths of his garden in celebration of his 100th birthday.

"James would really love for his project to 'go viral.' He doesn't know exactly what that means, but he knows that's good," says family friend, Laurie Walczak Schleicher.

For more information, go to jamesridesforcharity.org

City of Milwaukee bars and restaurants say they cannot afford to be closed any longer.
City of Milwaukee bars and restaurants say they cannot afford to be closed any longer.

Milwaukee bars plan to reopen Monday, with or without city's support

Since the time of publication of this article, Mayor Barrett declared businesses may reopen at limited capacity starting Friday, June 5 at 2 p.m. Read more here.

City of Milwaukee bar and restaurant owners and employees plan to reopen their establishments on Monday – at least for a few hours – if they do not get a definitive plan from Mayor Barrett by Friday, June 5.

Metro Milwaukee bars and restaurants have been legally open for two weeks, and city of Milwaukee bar owners demand to reopen as well. The group, which organized online, says they will comply with social distancing rules, limited capacities and will increase sanitizing surfaces. 

"We take this virus very seriously, but when every business gets an all clear except for the the city bars and restaurants it doesn't make a lot of sense," says Diane Dowland, a Milwaukee bar manager. "We understand this is uncharted territory, but we're not the root of the problem."

Dowland says 50 or more businesses could participate in the temporary reopening on Monday.

"We've all put a lot of money – money we don't have – into renovations and safety precautions with no hope in sight," says Dowland.

Stay tuned to OnMilwaukee for more information about this developing story.

C'mon, Milwaukee, we can order a mere 51 fish fries from Triskele's this Friday for Pride Week!
C'mon, Milwaukee, we can order a mere 51 fish fries from Triskele's this Friday for Pride Week!

51 Fish Fries for Pride Drive to help local eatery, honor Stonewall anniversary

It's a tough request, Milwaukee, but for the love of LGBTQ equality and to support Triskele's, a local, family-owned restaurant, we're gonna need you to scarf down a fish fry on Friday. You've been training for this for years and we know you're ready for it.

But seriously ...

In conjunction with OnMilwaukee Pride Week, the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall uprising and because they've struggled during the mandatory shutdown due to COVID-19, Triskele's owners Jolinda Klopp and Lynn Winter hope to sell 51 fish fries this Friday.

Triskele's "51 Fish Fries for Pride Drive" features Riverwest Stein beer-battered cod with dill-roasted potatoes, lemon and aioli for $14. To order, please call Triskele's anytime after 12 p.m. noon on Friday, June 5. Curbside pick-up is available from 4 to 8 p.m.

Triskele's, located at 1801 S. 3rd St., will also offer its full menu during this time. (See below.)

I pledge to buy a Triskele's fish fry on Friday, so that means we just need to sell 50 more fish fries to help out a local restaurant and to show our MKE PRIDE. We got this, Milwaukee!

Triskele's full menu for Friday, June 5:


*Crisp Fried Brussel Sprouts w/Tamari-Honey Glaze & Toasted Cashews…$10 (serves 1-2) (vegetarian)…$10

*Grilled Blue Cheese Crostini w/Wisconsin Honey & White Truffle Oil…$10


*Thai Coconut Broth w/Coriander, Basil & Mint…$7 (1 pint, serves 1-2)


* Field Greens Salad w/Shaved Carrot, Onion, Radish & Croutons w/balsamic vin.-  $7 (serves 1-2)

*Chopped Salad w/Crisp Romaine, Bacon, Blue Cheese, Hard Cooked Egg, Tomato, Onion & Sweet Shallot & Mustard Vinaigrette…$10 (serves 1-2)


*Riverwest Stein Beer Battered Cod w/Dill Roasted Potatoes, Lemon & Aioli…$14

*Mac & Cheese w/Wisconsin Cheddar…$13

w/Polish Sausage…add $4 w/Bacon…add $3


It's Jo’s Birthday: Complimentary Birthday Cake. One slice free w/every entrée ordered.


*Bottles of Cardiff Cabernet or Chardonnay...$15

OnMilwaukee's Carolynn Buser donating blood at Versiti during the winter.
OnMilwaukee's Carolynn Buser donating blood at Versiti during the winter.

Donate blood at one of these local spots

Healthy blood is desperately needed right now, so if you have the interest, we have the hook-up. 

To donate blood, you must be a healthy person who feels well and is at least 16 years old (minors need permission from parents or guardians) and at least 110 pounds. Individuals must bring a blood donor card or a driver’s license or two other forms of identification to the appointment. 

Call or visit online one of these locations and you can easily make an appointment to donate blood:

Don't know your blood type? Donating blood is an easy way to find out. 

Versiti asks that donors who traveled to China, Iran, South Korea or Italy wait to give blood until 28 days after their return date. 

According to the Red Cross, there is no data or evidence that the coronavirus can be transmissible by blood transfusion and because blood donation is part of disaster relief, it's exempt from Gov. Tony Evers’ social gatherings restrictions.