Sprecher Brewery aims to give away 50,000 free root beer floats in one 8-hour period.
Sprecher Brewery aims to give away 50,000 free root beer floats in one 8-hour period.

WATCH: Sprecher gives away thousands of root beer floats to set world record

In honor of National Root Beer Float Day, Sprecher Brewery, 701 W. Glendale Ave., hosts The Great Sprecher Root Beer Floatilla today from noon until 8 p.m. 

The goal is to set a new world record for the largest root beer float drive-thru by making and distributing 50,000 root beer floats. The effort requires 7,800 gallons of fire-brewed root beer, made with Milwaukee-area honey, and 4,000 containers of Cedar Crest ice cream.

We got into line just after noon today, and at first felt daunted by the length, which was already hundreds of cars long and snaking through surrounding residential streets. However, thanks to lots of helpers and large signage, the process was smooth and easy, and we had root beer floats in hand by 12:19.

Take a ride through the experience with us:

The avocado pop is unusual and delicious.
The avocado pop is unusual and delicious.

Eat this now: Avocado popsicle from Pete's Pops

At first, an avocado popsicle might sound gross, like frozen guacamole on a stick, but luckily, it's nothing like that. An avocado is, after all, a fruit (that has nutrients similar to a vegetable) and therefore is both sweet and savory.

Luckily for our tastebuds, Pete's Pops focused on the sweet aspect of the avocado and made a pop that's creamy, avocado in flavor, but with a subtle candied finish. The thick consistency made us think it would also make a good custard flavor. 

We spontaneously drove to the original location on Vliet Street in the Martin Drive neighborhood – a second location opened in June in Bay View – and found the scene extremely joyful. From the colorful facade to the upbeat staff to the ensured safety of a walk-up shop, the experience was fun and stress-free.

Pete's Pops is a local brand owned by Pete Cooney that started out as a mobile cart at Milwaukee festivals and events in 2014. Flavors range from classics like red berry or chocolate fudge to adventurous like pear goat cheese, sweet corn and blackberry, Vietnamese iced coffee and, of course, the avocado pop.

Pete's Pops, 3809 W. Vliet St., is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.

A Milverine spotting is a must-post-to-social-media encounter.
A Milverine spotting is a must-post-to-social-media encounter.

The Milverine has a new dog

Milwaukee's favorite shirtless, street-strutting superhero of sorts, The Milverine, has a new dog.

While waiting in line in her car to donate clothing to Bay View's Goodwill, television personality Jessica Tighe spotted the Milverine – aka John Hamann – walking with a small, furry, four-legged friend.

"I put the car in reverse and drove to the road ... to meet him," says Tighe. "It was fun to meet our local legend, but more so I was happy to see him with a new pup!"

The Milverine was spotted with a dog in the past, but that one belonged to a family member and, sadly, passed away last year.

Tighe learned the dog's name is "Princess," she's 13-weeks old and came from a local breeder.

"She was adorable and super sweet," says Tighe.

A backyard fire is a safe, fun social event.
A backyard fire is a safe, fun social event.

Backyard hangs are hot; here's where to buy firewood

For obvious reasons, people are spending more time at home this summer – a trend that will undoubtedly continue in the fall. Many Milwaukeeans are sprucing up their patios, decks and backyards to take their yard hangs to new levels and are hosting socially-distant bonfires with friends or family.

Thus, where and how to buy firewood is a common question on social media these days. Grabbing a $5 bundle from a grocery store or gas station works for the occasional fire, but for those who want access to an abundance of wood for frequent fires – and maybe even the occasional rager – here are six recommended spots.

If unsure how much to order, keep in mind a "full cord" of firewood fills a space equal to eight-feet-long-by four-feet-high-by-four-feet-deep. A "face cord" is equal to a single stack of firewood that measures four-feet high-by-eight-feet-long by however deep the depth of the firewood is. (Log length in a face cord of firewood varies.)

Best Burn Firewood, New Berlin
(262) 746-7416
Best Burn, run by brothers, delivers 100 percent Wisconsin, guaranteed-to-burn firewood from a 1/2 face to a full cord.

Green Man Tree Services
(414) 301-9807

Green Man delivers dry mixes of wood to Milwaukee and Waukesha. Loads range from 1/4 cord to 3 1/2 full cords. Go here to order online. 

J.W. Kolp Tree Services, Cudahy

(414) 263-1490

J.W. Kolp delivers firewood to your yard and is recommended by Angie's List. Call for more details.

Landmark 1850

5905 S. Howell Ave.

Pre-cut firewood is available for pick-up behind this bar, which is temporarily closed. Cash only, $20 – put money in "honors system" metal box next to the pre-sorted piles.

Premium Plus Total Tree Care, Mequon


(414) 239-0160

Premium delivers seasoned and ready-to-burn firewood from a single face cord to two cords, which is currently on special. Financing is available for large orders.