Buffalo Brewing Company lends you the tools to celebrate today.
Buffalo Brewing Company lends you the tools to celebrate today.

Buffalo Brewing Company celebrates with free beer

Celebrate Earth Day and the repeal of prohibition all in one special happy hour.

Buffalo Brewing Company honors the 76th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition by passing you a free pint this afternoon.

Starting at 4 p.m., you have 76 minutes to get to Just Art's Saloon, 181 S. 2nd St., for a free pint of Buffalo Brewing Company's signature lager, Bison Blonde.

If you can cut away just a touch earlier, join Buffalo Brewing Company owner Craig Peterson as he rolls a full keg of Bison Blonde from the brewing facility to Just Art's.

In a statement, Peterson said, "We're proud to be a part of Milwaukee's rich brewing heritage and to celebrate our right to drink beer we're offering our Buffalo Water for free. We also understand the importance of ‘going green' so rolling a keg down the street is a great demonstration of our optimism for a cleaner environment."

Buffalo Brewing Company tapped its first barrel in 2007. Stop by and take a drink of a local Third Ward brew!

Wolf Pack Cafe adds family owned, personable service to one incredible pancake recipe.
Wolf Pack Cafe adds family owned, personable service to one incredible pancake recipe.

The perk of Wolf Pack pancakes

ST. GERMAIN, Wis. -- I used to go "up north" for the hiking, swimming, boating and fishing. Now, I can honestly say, I love all that but the pancakes are the trip's greatest perk.

I spent years in the North Woods without ever eating at Wolf Pack Café, one of the five restaurants that line the Highway 70 strip of downtown St. Germain. If you're familiar, you'll know that Wolf Pack is a tiny converted retail space at the end of a strip mall housing a bank, bar and salon.

In the high season, you'll find a good crowd piling in for breakfast and lunch seven days a week; stark contrast to this past weekend when the weather was still slightly chilly and visitors are few and far between.

Home to the "World's Best Pancakes," articles from national magazines and newspapers line the diner walls paying homage to Wolf Pack's pancake superiority.

Berries, bananas, chocolate chips and peanut butter are just a few of the options upon options for pancake fillings. Soft and moist on the inside, Wolf Pack manages to fry a crispy outer layer and edge on each and every flapjack.

I've tried to decipher the strategic cooking technique but have yet to make the slightest crack into recreating its signature dish. I've succumb to the fact that I may never know; waitresses sign contracts of secrecy and I'm doubtful that owners Kathy and Joe are handing out any recipes.

Before Wolf Pack, pancakes weren't a common breakfast item of choice. Now, any other pancake falls into one of two categories: worse than Wolf Pack or on the verge of competing. I've yet to find a cake surpassing the Wolf Pack secret and worthy of summoning the third and final category.

"The Wire" ran for five seasons from 2002-2008.
"The Wire" ran for five seasons from 2002-2008.

Wrapped up in "The Wire"

I realize that I'm about seven years late on this one but I've found myself dramatically wrapped up in HBO's "The Wire."

Mixing HBO On Demand and friend's season's of DVDs, I've basically spent a significant chunk of the last two weeks addictively watching episode after episode. I've passed up invitations for things with live human beings in lieu of my new faux-friends Jimmy McNulty, Omar and Bubs.

Honestly, guilt occasionally plagues that decision but truthfully I have to acknowledge the show's characters are far more complex and interesting than me or most people I know. So I don't feel so bad.

Indeed, maybe I'm taking it too far. But even seven years later, I've gotten caught up in lengthly long conversations dissecting "The Wire's" the authentic recreation of Baltimore's inner city, police divisions and political climate.

I highly, highly recommend it.