The Packers' newly unveiled Color Rush uniforms could've been much worse.
The Packers' newly unveiled Color Rush uniforms could've been much worse. (Photo:

Packers unveil Color Rush uniform, avoid all-gold nightmare

Last year, the NFL and Nike teamed up to create Color Rush, a weekly marketing-campaign game where the two teams would wear amped-up versions of their usual uniforms. A few weren't bad, but for the most part, it was a needless exercise in branding and merch sales that occasionally made games unintelligible for colorblind viewers and somehow managed to make the Jacksonville Jaguars look even worse.

So, of course, the NFL and Nike not only brought it back, but they also doubled down on it, putting every team into supercharged colorful versions of their regular jerseys and making every Thursday night game a Color Rush contest.

That includes the Packers, which got me all concerned that Green Bay's perfect, classic look might be transformed into some godforsaken all-gold look that, while somewhat historically founded, would look like a bunch of wild mustard bottles took the field. 

Well, yesterday, the NFL released the Color Rush looks for all 32 teams and ... phew. 

That's not a bad look at all! Going all white would seem to run against the premise of something called "Color Rush" (all green might have been the best path to take), but it's a clean look that's nice on the eyes and still appears like the Packers. And there's history being made: According to, this marks the first time the Packers will have worn white pants since 1958. 

The Packers will bust out their Color Rush look against the Chicago Bears on Thursday, Oct. 20. Meanwhile, here's what the Bears will look like:

Oh, that's not too bad either! You know, maybe I've been too cynical about this whole Color Rush thing. After all, according to the NFL, all of the proceeds made from Color Rush sales will go toward charity. That's a good thing! Maybe Color Rush isn't so bad after ...

(PHOTO: NFL Facebook)

I retract my previous statement. Burn it all like these just burned my poor, innocent retinas. 


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