Piece of evidence No. 1,235 that this "Mad Max: Fury Road" behind the scenes clip is the best movie of the summer.
Piece of evidence No. 1,235 that this "Mad Max: Fury Road" behind the scenes clip is the best movie of the summer. (Photo: YouTube/ESPORTS TV)

This "Fury Road" pre-CGI clip is better than most of 2016's summer movies

This past summer was a big ol' explosion-filled bummer. And in case that point wasn't made extremely clear after "Suicide Squad" and "Alice Through the Looking Glass" and "The Angry Birds Movie" and countless other disappointments and countless other just plain overtly bad ideas, here comes this glorious clip of pre-CGI "Mad Max: Fury Road" action footage just to rub this year's crapitude further in our faces. 


There's more true awesomeness packed into that barely four minute clip than I would say a solid 97 percent of what we watched this past summer. Thanks for rubbing it in, Mad Max!

Everyone who saw "Fury Road" knew that much of what made it such a thrilling, insta-classic experience is that most of the action on screen was actually real, practical stunt work and special effects – that it was actual people driving actual cars with actual flamethrowers across an actual desert ... and then blowing the hell out of all of it. Now, I'm usually not one for behind-the-scenes footage – I think it takes some of the magic out of the movie itself – but to see these stunt people and technical masters in untampered glory pulling these stunts off and smartly putting themselves on the line somehow actually adds to the magic of the film.

A film, just as a casual reminder, with a 71-year-old director and his 73-year-old cinematographer behind the camera. Seriously, how does this movie exist?

There's still talk of sequels to "Fury Road" – some chat about a Furiosa-led follow-up, other chat about it being called "Mad Max: The Wasteland," even more chat about whether director George Miller will be at the helm for whatever comes next – but nothing confirmed yet; Miller's gone back and forth several times on his involvement and his ideas. Considering the film didn't technically blow Warner Bros. execs' minds at the box office ($378 million worldwide isn't a massive number anymore, especially with a $150 million budget), I imagine they'll take their time to figure out what path they and Miller can realistically take next. 

In the meantime, while we're waiting for that sequel, a tip for the rest of Hollywood: Watch this clip, take notes and do better. Because your past summer slate just got bested by a four-minute YouTube montage.


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