Some Burger King locations will be dishing out "Adults Meals" - complete with a sex toy - for Valentine's Day.
Some Burger King locations will be dishing out "Adults Meals" - complete with a sex toy - for Valentine's Day.

For Valentine's Day, Burger King serves up burgers with a side of sex toys

Fast food restaurants have seemingly been working overtime to come up with the most unpalatable food combinations, from combining fried chicken with a chalupa shell to combining fried chicken with pizza and "chicken ham." Not to be outdone, Burger King may have found the most uncomfortable culinary combo yet.

A Whopper and a sex toy. And no, this isn't an April Fool's Day article posted a month and a half too early.

In fact, according to AdWeek, it's actually a Valentine's Day promotion from Burger King called an "Adults Meal," and it's exactly what it sounds like – if what it sounds like is a kids meal that's recently discovered late-night Cinemax. 

The meal comes with two Whoppers, two orders of French fries, two beers and "a romantic adult toy," which according to the just-as-awkward-as-you'd-imagine advertisement ranges from a feather duster (huh?) to a head massager  (... OK) and a fluffy pink blindfold (this makes more sense). Maybe there are some others that can't be shown in a commercial airing on television before 11 p.m., but we may never know. 

The combo is only available on Valentine's Day, and it's only available to adults 18 years and older ... in Israel. Yes, much like the horrifying Chizza, this unholy matrimony between flamebroiled burgers cooked up by high schoolers and cheap plastic Spencer's toy knockoffs has yet to reach American shores.

Until then, you'll just have to order plain old original Whoppers this Valentine's Day – and find you own way to make them erotic.


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