Here's to starting the day on the right foot even when things feel like they're all going wrong.
Here's to starting the day on the right foot even when things feel like they're all going wrong.

The Morning Laugh: 5 funny videos and memes to start your day with a smile

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It can be stressful, overwhelming times, and we want to help – so to start your day with a smile, we're going to post five funny viral videos and memes every morning. Because there's no better time for a good laugh than during bad times, and we believe in starting the day on the right foot even when things feel like they're all going wrong.

Enjoy – then be safe, be smart and be healthy. We're in this together.

1. This ad, apparently not brought to you by gravity

Katie Ledecky is one of the nation's most accomplished Olympians. She's won five gold medals and holds multiple world records. At yet here I am thinking that this clip of her swimming a lap while balancing a glass of chocolate milk on her head, spilling NOT ONE DROP, is easily the most impressive thing she's ever done.

Like, honestly, her future Hall of Fame description should read "Balanced a glass of chocolate milk for the length of a pool without spilling ... and could also swim too, I guess."

2. Born to be wild

I want to be friends with these two animals.

I think it's the pink goggles that really make this video sing. That, and the fact that the pets are named Biscuit and Waffles. 

3. Making movies

There's no new movies out these days, so at least enjoy this video of the people who make new movies (when new movies exist). 

4. The daily dog 

More like t…

Yes, you can get a cream puff (and so much more) at the State Fair drive-thru this weekend.
Yes, you can get a cream puff (and so much more) at the State Fair drive-thru this weekend. (Photo: Molly Snyder )

Here's the menu for week 3 of the State Fair drive-thru - now with cream puffs

The Wisconsin State Fair may be canceled this year, but digging into deep-fried treats and classic fair foods is right on schedule thanks to the new State Fair Necessities initiative and its new fair food drive-thru, opening back up for the third of four weekends of feasting on Thursday, Aug. 6. 

Starting at 4 p.m. on Thursday and running through Sunday, Aug. 9, the drive-thru will open up the fairgrounds for cars to drive through and pick up special favorites from a weekly rotating batch of State Fair vendors – this week including items like the famous ribeye steak sandwich, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, cheese curds, Saz's sampler platter and, yes, those classic State Fair cream puffs. 

Here are the fourteen vendors cooking at Wisconsin State Fair Park this week along with what classic treats and delectable eats they'll be serving:

Charlie's Great Food

  • Philly cheese steak – $9
  • Polish sausage – $8.50
  • Hot dog – $3.50
  • Kids meal – $7.50 (hot dog, fries or applesauce, juice box or small soda and frisbee)
  • Corn dog – $5 for regular, $8 for jumbo
  • Chicken strip basket with fries – $11
  • Smoked jumbo turkey leg – $12
  • Smoke pork loin on a stick – $8.50
  • Fresh cut fries – $5
  • Ribbon fries – $8
  • Fries toppings – .50 cents each (cheese, chili, bacon, chives, ranch, sour cream and jalapeños)
  • Coca-Cola fountain products – $5 for 32 oz.
  • Dasani bottled water – $3

Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association

  • Famous ribeye steak sandwich – $10 (limited supply; first come, first served)
  • 1/4 lb. hamburger – $6
  • 1/4 lb. cheeseburger – $6
  • Double hamburger – $8
  • Double cheeseburger – $8
  • Jumbo 1/4 lb. beef hot dog – $5
  • Chips – $2
  • Dasani bottled water – $3

Wisconsin Potatoes

  • Baked potato – $6 for one, $15 for three (toppings include cheese sauce, bacon, salsa, sour cream and chives)

Badger Corn

  • Roasted corn on the cob – $4 for one ear, $20 for six ears
  • Buttered roasted corn in a cup – $7
  • Mexican-style street…
Lorenzo Cain has opted out of the COVID-shortened 2020 season.
Lorenzo Cain has opted out of the COVID-shortened 2020 season. (Photo: Dan Garcia)

Brewers' Lorenzo Cain opts out of 2020 baseball season due to COVID-19 concerns

Brewers Gold Glove center fielder Lorenzo Cain announced today that he will opt out of the remaining 2020 baseball season due to concerns about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

"After careful consideration and discussion with my family, I have decided to opt out of the remainder of the 2020 season," Cain said, in a statement. "With all of the uncertainty and unknowns surrounding our game at this time, I feel that this is the best decision for me, my wife, and our three kids. The Brewers organization was very understanding and supportive of my decision, and I thank them for that. I wish all of my great teammates the best of luck this season and look forward to getting back on the field in 2021. Please stay safe."

"Lorenzo Cain has informed us that he will not participate for the remainder of the 2020 season. We fully support Lorenzo’s decision, and will miss his talents on the field and leadership in the clubhouse," announced Brewers president of baseball operations and general manager David Stearns, in a statement.

The news comes after the Brewers' last two games were postponed due to their opponent, the St. Louis Cardinals, having several team members test positive for COVID-19 in recent days. The teams are still scheduled to play a double-header on Sunday; however, according to MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal, four to six additional Cardinals have since tested positive, putting those games at risk as well.

Since the season started just over a week ago, six teams – the Brewers, Cardinals, Toronto Blue Jays, Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals – are currently inactive and either postponing or canceling games due to the pandemic. Seventeen games thus far have been postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus, the Miami Marlins have suffered 18 total cases since the season started and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has warned that the already shortened 60-game season may shutdown if the league can't do a better job of containing and keepi…

You've got a lot of watching to do - and a lot of free time at home to do it!
You've got a lot of watching to do - and a lot of free time at home to do it!

100 good movies you can watch on Netflix while stuck at home

Get more stories about how we're #InThisTogetherMKE.

In seemingly less than a week's time, the coronavirus has changed American life – at least for the time being.

In the hopes of encouraging social distancing – therefore slowing the spread of the virus and lessening the impact and pressure on our nation's hospitals and health care centers – just about everything has closed, from sports arenas to music halls to bars and restaurants, and movie theaters. 

In short: We're all going to spending a lot of time at home. And sure, we could try to convince ourselves that we're going to spend that time getting around to those cleaning projects we've been putting off, learning a new skill or talking to our fellow quarantined family members, but the reality is we're going to streaming a ridiculous amount of movies over the next ... a long time. So, to help your social distancing go as entertainingly as possible, here's a list of 100 good movies – from awesome action flicks to cool choices for children to stellar sports stories and even a movie about Daniel Radcliffe literally farting his way across the ocean – you can currently find on Netflix. 

So stay home, stay healthy and watch away, everyone; we're in this together. And if we do this right, I won't have to write about 100 MORE movies you can watch on Netflix while stuck at home.

Action movies

"Air Force One": A very entertaining slice of '80s-style high-concept action ridiculousness released in the late '90s, featuring Harrison Ford as President Han Solo who has to kick a bunch of terrorists – including an extremely Russian Gary Oldman – off of his plane.

"Bad Boys": Michael Bay's feature debut is a slick and solid action movie with two infamously charismatic leads and some cool action set pieces. And if you want all the style and bombast of this actioner with none of the conscience, morality or sense of decency, "Bad Boys II" is also on Netflix and is a glorious cavalcade of bad taste and flippi…