Jimmy John's will offer $1 sandwiches on April 21 for a Nationwide Customer Appreciation Day.
Jimmy John's will offer $1 sandwiches on April 21 for a Nationwide Customer Appreciation Day.

I know the guy the $1 Jimmy John's sandwich promo is meant to thank

If you're looking for a cheap lunch option tomorrow, you might be interested to know that Jimmy John's locations around Milwaukee will offer a $1 sandwich promotion at participating stores between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Thursday, April 21.

The deal is part of a Nationwide Customer Appreciation day promotion, the details of which I'll share in just a moment. But first, I want to give you an example of the sort of customer for which Jimmy John's should be truly grateful.

That's dedication

For years, before I took on food writing for a living, I worked at Marquette University. And during my last few years of employment there, I worked with a colleague who was seemingly a Jimmy John’s devotee.

While others in the office sought out burgers from Sobelman's or burritos from Qdoba, Mark always seemed to be happy with Jimmy John's. In fact, without fail, sometimes for months on end, he made the two-block trek to the nearest Jimmy John’s shop, where he ordered and ate his lunch. I don’t recall if he ate exactly the same sandwich every time, but I do recall being floored that he never seemed to tire of the daily ritual.

Suffice it to say, he probably spent enough money at Jimmy John's to warrant a week's worth of $1 sandwich promos.

How to get your $1 sandwich

Fortunately for the rest of you, the offer isn't limited to super-dedicated Jimmy John’s streak eaters.

But, before you bust your butt trying to get to the nearest Jimmy John’s, you should note that, apparently, there are a few rules. 

  1. There’s a limit of one sub per person, and you do have to go to the store to get it (no freaky fast delivery).

  2. Not every sandwich is $1. You’re limited to menu items #1-6, along with the BLT and Slims.

  3. All $1 sandwiches come on Jimmy John’s French bread (though it seems their JJ Unwich lettuce wraps may also be available).

 And, if I’m reading this tweet correctly, you might want to do a little dance once you make that $1 investment in your lunch.…

Dinner Lab launched in the Milwaukee market in fall 2014.
Dinner Lab launched in the Milwaukee market in fall 2014. (Photo: Dinner Lab)

Dinner Lab suspends operations in Milwaukee and beyond

We brought you the news of Dinner Lab, an innovative dinner club concept utilizing unexpected spaces and experimental menus, when it launched its presence in Milwaukee in 2014.

The premise behind Dinner Lab was to offer consumers an opportunity to experience dining beyond their comfort zones, while providing a platform to assist chefs in exercising their creativity and advancing their careers.

Earlier this year, Dinner Lab stretched its boundaries further by acquiring Dish Crawl, another national concept which attempted to launch a presence in the Cream City.

But, despite its unique approach to fine dining and impressive expansion over the past few years, it looks as if the company may have overextended its resources.

Today, the company has announced today via email that it has suspended operations. 

Three-and-a half years ago a few of us came up with a novel idea; bring together random people, in an unconventional location, and give an up-and-coming chef a chance. The idea was meant to be pretty simple - give a newcomer, an underdog, someone that no one else believed in yet, a platform to showcase their culinary talent to the world. We have always wanted to be an organization that rolled the dice on people and innovative concepts before the rest of the world took them seriously.

We thought that the restaurant industry often took safe bets. We wanted to up the ante, and bet hard on experimentation, iteration, data and the fact that there should be an open dialogue between diner and chef. We tried to blur the lines, push the envelope, and propel an industry that we loved forward. We did this not for the sake of being novel, but because we thought that guests should be a part of the culinary process; not as receivers of a finished product, but part of the development.

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to tell you, but effective immediately, Dinner Lab will be suspending operations and halting events.

We put every ounce of our energy into developing a pro…

It's a slightly "grainy" view of the Burke Brise Soleil against a backdrop of buildings.
It's a slightly "grainy" view of the Burke Brise Soleil against a backdrop of buildings. (Photo: Millie's Bakeries)

Crusty skylines spied all over Milwaukee

If you thought the results of the Wisconsin primary were crumby, wait until you get a load of this. The voting for the recent Millie's Bakeries poll to find the best bread sculpture of the Milwaukee skyline has officially come to a close. And it's time to get "bready" for a new billboard campaign.

In fact, Milwaukee's favorite piece of bread art has risen to the top. 

The winner, which depicts a grainy view of the Burke Brise Soleil against a backdrop of buildings, will be displayed on six large billboards around town between now and October 4, 2016.

Knead more info?

Current billboards can be spied on I-794 just south of Oklahoma Ave.; on the west side of Howell Ave. near College Ave; on I-94 East just south of National Ave.; on Greenfield Ave. just west of 107th St.; and on 76th St. just north of Bradley Rd.

According to Millie's, billboard locations will change out every two months.

Where will they appear next? You'll just have to wheat and see.