Seafood stew is now on the menu at Cafe Hollander.
Seafood stew is now on the menu at Cafe Hollander.

Take a peek at updates & dishes at the refreshed Cafe Hollander on Downer

Sunday, Nov. 20 marked the re-opening of the original Cafe Hollander, located at 2608 N. Downer Ave.

The restaurant, which observes its 10th anniversary this month, was closed for just over two weeks to accommodate a series of upgrades and improvements including new hardwood flooring, an updated bar and new kitchen equipment.

Get a peek at the rejuvenated space in the Facebook live we did onsite earlier today.

New menu items

In conjunction with the remodel, Lowlands has also launched a new seasonal menu for all of its locations. We got a preview of a few of the new dishes, which pack a definitive comfort food punch.

Among returning favorites, you'll find the return of the BTB, the bacon, tomato and brie sandwich served on toasted French baguette with a side salad for $11.95 and the mushroom brie risotto featuring brie, arugula and chive oil for $14.95.  

You'll also find new dishes like a braised ginger short rib bowl featuring braised short ribs with ginger soy glaze over black nerone rice pilaf ($15.95). There's also a new creamy seafood stew (pictured above) featuring mussels, shrimp, lobster and cod in a garlic cream sauce with roasted carrots, onions, mushrooms, peppers and zucchini ($16.95).

A chicken tater tot skillet includes chicken and roasted vegetables in garlic cream sauce topped with housemade cheddar whipped tater tots ($14.95).

There's also Aleppo chili sausage served with smashed roasted butternut squash and shredded roasted brussels sprouts with a tangy house-made Carolina barbecue sauce ($15.95).

Top it all off with a slice of Gulden Draak pecan pie featuring a deep dish crust, pecans and a filling infused with Gulden Draak ale ($6.95).

Community members will gather for hope and healing at Alice's Garden.
Community members will gather for hope and healing at Alice's Garden. (Photo: Alice's Garden Facebook)

Artists, healers and activists unite for #BlackLivesMatter gathering

"It’s not the activist who everyone knows who makes all of the change; it’s the everyday person, the person who says ‘Hey, I’m one person and what can I do?’ There are a whole lot of ‘one persons’ out there who together are making a big, big difference and it’s encouraging." – Angela Walker, Breaking down racial barriers

In recent weeks, headlines have been rife with news of police brutality against members of the black community. Lives have been lost. And hearts are heavy.

But community members are rising up in an effort to promote unity and healing for Milwaukee and beyond. One such effort will take place on Wednesday, July 13 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Alice’s Garden, 2136 N. 21st St.

The evening will will focus on the harsh realities faced by black men and women in our communities and country. During the gathering, artists, healers and activists will stand in unity, acknowledging the work that must be done to ensure that black lives in America matter.

"This is a time of reflection and healing, a time to comfort, encourage and empower one another as we contemplate ‘What can I do?’ after the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and Wisconsin's Jay Anderson," says co-organizer Malkia Stampley, producing artistic director for the Bronzeville Arts Ensemble.

"We know that everyone will not leave with an action plan, but we are hopeful seeds will be planted and that people know they are not alone during this difficult time," notes Stampley.

During the event, words of encouragement and empowerment will be shared by a variety of community leaders and members of the arts community including Ferne Caulker-Bronson, founder of Ko-Thi Dance; Venice Williams, executive director of Alice's Garden; Tarik Moody, 88.9 radio personality; Jeff Frank, artistic director of First Stage Milwaukee; and Kari Hanson, visual artist and community arts specialist for MPS.

Artistic expressions will also be offered from Julie Roubik (classical violist), members of …

You could win a box of filled with cheese curds and other cool stuff.
You could win a box of filled with cheese curds and other cool stuff.

Summer gets cheesier with second annual Summer of Curds Giveaway

If you don't love cheese, look away from the screen right now. But if you do, you're going to want to keep reading all the way to the end of this article.


Because that's where I'm going to tell you how to win an awesome box of cheese curd paraphernalia just like the one you see up there (the box includes a big bag of fresh cheese curds, two cheese coozies, a T-shirt, a magnet and a coupon for buy one, get one free cheese curds from Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery, the official "cheese curd capital of Wisconsin").

But first things first: If you call yourself a Wisconsinite, you owe it to yourself to head over and visit, "the only resource committed to helping you find and devour this delightfully squeaky snack."

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has really outdone themselves with this site, which focuses on everything you ever wanted to know about cheese curds. Like a tutorial on how cheese curds are made. Or how about information on how to keep your curds fresh or what some of the best places are to find them?

You can also check out delicious cheese curd recipes like: 

I know you're getting hungry just thinking about it.

But before you head off to Clock Shadow Creamery to get yourself a bag of freshly made cheese curds, be sure to enter the contest.

Winners (94 of them total) will be randomly selected daily all summer long. However, the contest ends Sept. 21, so enter now!