SXSW helped me survive the rest of our freezing Wisconsin winter.
SXSW helped me survive the rest of our freezing Wisconsin winter.


About a month ago a friend asked me to come down and visit her in Austin for South by Southwest, or more commonly referred to as "southby" for the trendier, flannel wearing crowd. At first I thought she was crazy, but decided it was a brilliant idea. Of course, being so close to the actual event, I couldn't find tickets for less than $700.

Thus, my bright idea to drive to Texas on the great-American road trip. Knowing there was absolutely no way I'd make a 2o-hour drive alone, I commissioned my wing woman to make the journey with me.

Our trip started Wednesday evening after I finished a full work day. We departed Milwaukee around midnight in hopes of getting to Austin at a reasonable time. We stopped at gas stations along the way and managed to beat the GPS estimated time. When we hit Tulsa, Okla., we were in serious need of a bloody. We drove into downtown easily and stopped at a blues bar for a quick drink. Guitars lined the walls and the ceiling was covered with skylights that flooded the room with gorgeous sunlight. From there, we braved hellish traffic in Fort Worth and finally made it to Austin by 8 p.m. on Thursday.

Even though our hostess had to work the next day, she still took us out to see a few shows. The first bar we stopped at was less than amazing. There was a weird metal band blasting eccentric guitar riffs at a crowd of five people. We grabbed a drink, but none of us were very impressed.

At the next venue we were able to catch the tail end of a show by a band called the Electric Sons. The venue was fairly packed so we danced our way through the crowd and close to the stage. After their show the band members signed CDs for us and took pictures. They proved to be the most personable band I met in Austin.

Next up was Hank and Cupcakes, this was a crazy duo that rocked the bar. The lead vocalist danced around like a slithering (yet sexy) snake and made out with the guitarist in what we all agreed was one of the hottest kisses ever seen. Thursday ev…