Hello Hotel Foster and all your hipster glory.
Hello Hotel Foster and all your hipster glory.

Work sucks, who wants a drink?

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I believe I've mentioned that I'm somewhat of a workaholic, but one job or 10, we can all agree on one thing, sometimes work just sucks.

You know the feeling I'm talking about, the days where everything seems to be against you; your phone stops ringing as you trip over your headphone cord to answer it, you drop half your lunch in a garbage can filled with your coworker's chew spit, you're late for work because you didn't know it snowed, every time you try to print the machine is jammed or out of paper, and someone drank the last cup of coffee.

Days like that and you spend the whole day wanting to smash your over-worked head straight into your cubical that looks like you got the short straw in the company cube draw. I don't know if this is a national thing, Wisconsin thing, or maybe an immature 25-year-old thing, but usually those are the days I want to head straight to happy hour and wallow in my self pity.

For me, yesterday was one of those days.

Of course because we are on this whole "the universe hates me trend," yesterday was also one of the days I had to work after work, which means I missed all the good happy hour specials. Go figure. Who even decided happy hour typically runs till 6 p.m.?

When I got to my second job the day ceased to improve. Dropped silverware right after it was washed, spilled sauce on my shirt, and knocked over chairs in the dining room at the exact moment the jukebox shut off. Clearly this was not my day.

Finally my shift was over, but instead of heading home I decided to try my luck one more time and see if a few cocktails could at least bring me out of my foul mood and cloud of self-loathing.

Hello Hotel F…

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