Shelby Sapusek and Jim Raffel.
Shelby Sapusek and Jim Raffel.

Tweets to tackle cancer

Social media whiz, I am not, but I totally get "She Said, He Said," a weekly Twitter chat between locals Shelby Sapusek and Jim Raffel that stages the battle of the sexes in cyberspace.

Sapusek and Raffel showcase their differing opinions on social media and blogging topics in 140 characters or fewer on what is still, in my non-techie opinion, the coolest, easiest, most user-friendly social media site.

You can follow their banter every Thursday at 8 p.m. on Twitter by following the #shehechat hashtag. (If you don't know what a hashtag is ... you are not alone. It is merely a word or phrase that Tweeties are trying to trend by placing a "#" sign in front of it, allowing it to be tracked.)

Now, Sapusek and Raffel are taking their conversation live in Milwaukee at Ivy Lounge and Grill at 1118 N. 4th St. (right across from the Bradley Center) on Thursday Oct. 27, 2011 from 7–9 p.m. in a Tweetup to benefit the Wisconsin chapter of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Ivy Lounge generously donated the venue for this charitable cause because according to partner Khary Penebaker, who has a family member with pancreatic cancer, "We realize that providing an establishment where one can have a great time, unwind and let go of the week's difficulties is one thing, but we still want to have a way to give back as best we can. This Tweetup event is a great opportunity to introduce Ivy to a different crowd than we typically market to and it provides an opportunity to host a worthwhile event that will help promote awareness as well as collect donations that will be given to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network."

Extremely timely, in the wake of the passing of Steve Jobs. For just a $10 donation you can enjoy appetizers, door prizes and the performance. What a way to honor the man whose innovative mind gave us so many of the tech tools we use to live our lives.

Totally a Tweenius?? (That's a Twitter genius.) Use this hashtag (you know what it is now!) when you tweet that you are going and invite your friends: #TwtupatIVY

Plus if you sign up via Facebook and/or Twitter and check in on FourSquare you will qualify for additional door prizes. Now that's social media utilization. Do it all on your IPad, IPhone or MacBook Pro ... and make Steve Jobs really smile.


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