The Lomas Family made it their life mission to save lives from opiate overdose.
The Lomas Family made it their life mission to save lives from opiate overdose.

CJ Lomas Foundation brings hope to heroin epidemic

Surviving the loss of a loved one to an opiate overdose leaves an inconsolable void. This circumstance has become all too common in Wisconsin, where according to the Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Report* drug related deaths, in particular overdose deaths from opiates - are on the rise.

The report cites, "The upward trend in mentions of heroin in drug-related deaths may reflect increasing substitution of heroin for prescription drugs among opioid users due to heroin’s lower cost and increasing availability. With no standards for consistency or dosing as with prescription drugs, heroin use carries significant risk of overdose."

After losing son CJ to a heroin overdose, Charlie and Patti Lomas made it their life’s mission to fight the heroin epidemic. On March 18, 2012 they founded the CJ Lomas Recovery Foundation 501(c)(3) nonprofit in memory of their beloved son and in fervent support of those engaged in recovery.

The Foundation is active in myriad activities like speaking engagements, facilitating education and participating in awareness events like neighborhood drug summits. It also provides financial donations to treatment facilities, sober living houses, detox facilities and recovery organizations.

Through this, it effectively provides support, education and resources not only for those suffering with the disease of addiction and engaged in recovery, but also to the people who love them – their families, spouses, significant others and friends.

But, the Lomas family doesn’t just delegate these tasks. They are in the trenches. Every other Tuesday evening, the Lomas’ open their home to families dealing with opiate addiction for their "Family and Friends Support Group."

The group is a vital and unique resource that fills an essential need in the vicious cycle of addiction and in the world of recovery. The group provides a safe place for family members to access resources and through their commonality bond in an env…