"One of my biggest Fears while traveling is losing my luggage."
"One of my biggest Fears while traveling is losing my luggage."

Fear and Luggage in Australia

Fear is the fast food of the emotional neighborhood. It can be found on every corner of life, prompting detours into that unavoidable Fear Franchise drive thru. It’s all about what happens to that six piece of fried Fear. Do the greasy nuggets get devoured? Does it take some time for them to digest? Or does the Fear Meal get tossed in the garbage?

The "F-bomb" is a primal emotion that arises in the most unsuspecting situations, it juxtaposes with happiness and excitement, shadows victories and sabotages success. It’s the antithesis of love and yet a natural and useful element of the human condition. Fear is a challenge from the universe to procure bravery and to instill growth.

My childhood and teen years all the way through my early twenties were filled with Fearlessness. And then, somewhere along the way, I drank a super size Big Gulp of the Fear Kool Aid. It’s fair to say that over the years, I have allowed Fear to unrightfully direct some major decisions that greatly altered the course of my life. Being aware of this is half the battle, but some events of late have made Fear my personal blue plate special. So I decided to dig in.

It’s strange how a phone call can flip your Panini just when it’s turned the perfect, golden brown. My professional life had recently gotten to that ideally crispy point and then the phone rang. I had finally decided I was truly satisfied with the circumstances of my career, but the voice on the other end of the line invited me to step away from my usual corporate grind to go back out on the road with a rock and roll band. There went that golden, grilled cheese sandwich of life circumstance satisfaction. The work would entail a brutal three-week schedule traveling from city to city through Australia and New Zealand. I would have to work mega hard under a demanding agenda and endure my least favorite element of this type of work, sleep deprivation. The big, "Why did this come back into my life?" question arose making the scenari…