Lee's Pizza offers food for dine-in, carry our and delivery seven days a week.
Lee's Pizza offers food for dine-in, carry our and delivery seven days a week.

Lee's Pizza continues a new dining trend in Milwaukee

When Bay View's now extremely popular Classic Slice restaurant opened in 2007, it was based on a concept so simple -- pizza available by the slice -- yet surprisingly absent of late in Milwaukee.

While we certainly were not suffering from a pizza shortage, our city didn't mirror other large bustling metropolitan areas where grab-and-go slices were a common midday staple for many a businessman and woman.

Perhaps it filled a gaping hole in our market, or maybe it was because it was so darn delicious, but Classic Slice quickly exploded with success and, whether by coincidence or design, prompted several other businesses to follow suit.

Cranky Al's opened that same year in Wauwatosa; Brick 3 a year or so later on Old World 3rd Street. Crisp Pizzabar & Lounge followed on Brady Street and Ian's made its way to Milwaukee earlier this year.

There have been others as well, but the newest restaurant to offer pizza by the slice is Lee's Pizza, which opened July 8 at 770 N. Jefferson St. Open daily at 11 a.m., Lee's offers no-frills pizzas with a slew of standard toppings at reasonable prices -- from $4.99 to $10.99 for one topping.

Appetizers, pasta and salads round out the simple menu. A variety of lunch specials, including $2 slices of pizza, is available 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays.

Ke$ha approves Waukesha's potential name change "for a day ... or forever."
Ke$ha approves Waukesha's potential name change "for a day ... or forever."

WauKe$ha for a day?

If you're a pop music fan then you're probably aware that songstress Ke$ha is in town today for a performance at the Eagles Ballroom. She's been touring the States all summer, but there's something about her stop in Milwaukee that's catching a buzz.

WRNW-FM 97.3 "RadioNOW" host Andy Riggle (a.k.a "Riggs") is trying his damnedest to get the city of Waukesha to temporarily change its name to WauKe$ha today in honor of the pop star's arrival.

He's sent an open letter to Mayor Jeff Scrima highlighting Ke$ha's success and explaining that he doesn't expect Scrima to make a big deal of it, but rather simply approve an "honorary" name change for the day.

Scrima has not yet officially responded.

But Ke$ha has! Check out her response to the idea in the video clip below.

Back in the saddle at OnMilwaukee.com

Hello, OnMilwaukee.com readers. I've missed you. Whether you've noticed or not, I've been largely absent from the site this summer. It was about 12 weeks ago that I traded in my laptop and digital recorder for soft receiving blankets and diaper rash ointment; late night concert reviews for late-night feeding sessions.

Being at home with a newborn was an incredible experience, but one for which no amount of typing, writing and reporting could have prepared me. Needless to say, I entered -- or shall I say, was completely engulfed by -- a completely new world with a practically foreign set of rules and responsibilities. Spell-check wasn't going to help me with this job.

As any parent can likely attest, my three-month maternity leave was overwhelming, wonderful, scary, exhausting and totally amazing all at once. In many ways, I'd be perfectly happy continuing to uncover the mysteries of motherhood day in and day out, but on the other hand, I'm appreciative of my chance to return to my career.

Today marks my first day back in the editorial office at OnMilwaukee.com and although this desk feels slightly unfamiliar and the lack of solid sleep is taking a small toll on my creative flow, it's good to be back.

Still, I might need your help. I've spent the last five years with my finger on the pulse of this city, dutifully keeping the public informed of the many things Milwaukee has to offer. But these last few months, it was all I could do to check my e-mail once a week.

Sadly, I'm a bit out of the loop, so if any of you readers think I've overlooked an article-worthy event, please feel free to e-mail me and let me know. Milwaukee and I have a lot of catching up to do, and I look forward to it.