What's Twitter's nickname? "Tweety?"
What's Twitter's nickname? "Tweety?"

Nicknames that go "tweet, tweet"

Ever hear the phrase "You just can't make this stuff up?"

Nicknames are not immune from the Twitter frenzy. In fact, far from it. There are about 7,200 Tweets every 24 hours, seven days a week with the word "nickname" or "nicknames" in it.

One on the many advantages of social media mediums like Twitter, is the ability to get your hands on tons of data, personal or otherwise very quickly. One of my favorite features of TweetDeck is the ability to search and follow a key word, in any tweet, sent anywhere around the world, at any time.

So, I thought for today's blog entry, I would share with you, anonymously, some of these tweets that I found interesting, goofy or nothing more than lame, in less than 24 hours.

A bit random? You bet. But like I said, you can't make this stuff up. These tweets are as they appeared; and are unedited.

Think if I had a baby, his or her nickname would be Tater Tot.


My nicknames : Mari, Marty, Big P, Big Pizzle, Dookie Lowe, Leap Frog, Pizzle, Pistol P ,HotSauce, The Fundraiser, Bo Diddley, Bo, The Galactus
All da contacts in my fone are Nicknames

One day, I want to be a frequent guest on Dennis Miller's radio show & get a nickname from him.

Voldemort and I share a birthday, so do I get any cool nicknames? He has a bunch of them.

need to stop makin fun of my childhood nicknames or else

My co-workers are now calling me Farkas. I don't know why. I think it's a cool nickname though, so I'll allow it.

Zambrano refers to himself in the 3rd person on tweets, using nickname. nice!

the term 'gerrymander' itself is a nickname for a salamander-like district drawn by Mass. gov in early 1800s.

Ok. I'm getting fussed at on here. I'm gonna go shower. And think of a nickname for #oomf. I get inspired when I'm wet n naked.

i have so many nicknames but my favorite is the one my mommy calls me since i was born : )

Never associate nicknames from a past relationship with the…

Nicknames aren't always endearing. Sometimes, they're damaging.
Nicknames aren't always endearing. Sometimes, they're damaging.

"Hey, Fatso:" Nicknames that pack a painful punch

"Hey Fatso!"

So what if you have a nickname you don't like? Self-esteem, by definition, shouldn't be a fragile thing, even if your nickname is "Fatso." But fragile it is.

Often times, our self-esteem and self-perception become the same thing. But where does our self-esteem come from? Too often, it doesn't come from a loving parent, but rather it comes from something hammered into us from the neighborhood bully, or the jealous "friend."

So often, the wrong nickname comes as a result of being on the bottom of the pile at the playground. Or it is thrust upon us by an insensitive family member or well-intentioned "friend," albeit a wounded one.

As little kids, and even adults, we give our power away all too unknowingly, to all kinds of healthy and damaged people, without the wisdom to give it a second thought. And all of the sudden, we no longer control the power of a runaway label. And once a bad nickname is "out there," other people are all too quick to make it stick. And then, if you are little Timmy or Becky, how in God's name do you recover it?

Too often, our sense of self esteem resides in one of our life's most embarrassing moments; or comes from a physical characteristic; or from a big failure at a critical time, as a member of a losing team. And at that moment, the wrong nickname can quickly turn into a life-long nickname that can completely cripple us for life.

Don't believe me? I've heard the stories. And the PBSkids.org web site has a section devoted to helping kids overcome nicknames they don't like, but also can't seem to shed.

And the "funny" thing about this fragile thing called self-esteem? Some people would rather be called "Fatso" than nobody, because our insatiable need for a sense of identity around something often times trumps our own sense of self worth.

Ever know anyone nicknamed "Fatso" or "Brace Face" or "Short Stuff" or "Piano Legs" or "Snaggle Tooth" or "Down Wind" or "Elephant E…

"Rocky" definitely earned - and lived up to - her nickname.
"Rocky" definitely earned - and lived up to - her nickname.

A girl nicknamed "Rocky"

A girl nicknamed "Rocky"? You bet. Well-earned, and for all the right reasons ...

When this story was submitted to my website in the spring of 2009, Rocky was serving as a medic with the U.S. Army in South Korea. In this story, it took wearing an army-issued Kevlar helmet to bring her "Rocky" nickname back to life.

"I was always the tough chick. I broke my mother's rib before I was born, by squeezing my foot in just the right spot and kicking. I was a fighter from the moment of conception, and some things just never change. As an infant, I had a favorite toy – a red, plastic raccoon that, to this day, I swear was a dog toy that my parents thought it amusing to see me play with. The white lettering across the raccoon's belly read 'Rocky'. As with any young child, it was hard to miss which was my favorite toy.

"At age 2, being independent as I was, I went inside to get water while everyone was outside by a campfire on the little farm. On my way back out to join the family, I tripped at the top of the stairs, face-planting into the dirt and gravel at the bottom. My Uncle Zoro (to this day, I can't remember his real name) came and picked me up, dusted me off and took me back to the family.

"Two days later, Mom noticed that there was a rock set into my forehead at my hairline. When she consulted the doctor on it, he assured her it would work itself out. My dad was the first one to respond with 'LOOK! Now SHE'S Rocky, too!'

"Nearly getting suspended from school in kindergarten for beating up a boy who hit me didn't discourage the name any. The nickname stuck and, 20 years later, I finally had the rock removed. I had since joined the army, and it began bothering me for the first time when I had to wear a Kevlar helmet during the final weeks of my training.

"My dad still finds a great deal of pleasure in explaining all the crazy tomboy stories to his co-workers, and enjoys the looks on their face even more when they realize that, despite being the tough chick, he ma…


Man rolls with ironic nickname

Or, as the kids today are fond of sayin, THIS nickname story is "totally legit."

When I began the nickname project almost three years ago, I had a sneaking suspicion that I would run across a few nickname stories that would be real show stoppers. And, I was right. As a lover of irony, and having collected literally hundreds of nickname stories, the one I'm sharing here is frankly, second to none. Whenever people ask me to share with them one of the more memorable nickname stories I've ever heard, this one is always right there.

Here it is:

"My nickname is 'Wheels.' acquired in my senior year of high school when I was 17, in 1969, because I was the first in my group to have a car. Someone yelled out one day in school, 'Hey, Jim, do you have your wheels?' And it stuck, especially since I was an adventurous driver in my formative years.
Through my 20s and 30s a lot of people only knew me by my nickname, and my good friends like Duck, Babushka and Hollywood, not to mention Skinny Johnny, referred to me that way regularly.

So here's the ironic part: In 1995, September 11th to be exact, I was a 43 year old working on my old house in Wauwatosa, hoping to get an afternoon of house painting in before the onset of cold weather. Unfortunately, I was on a ladder up to the second floor when the ladder gave way beneath me, causing me to fall, landing on my butt on a concrete sidewalk and crushing a vertebra. This led to complete paralysis from the navel down, and, of course, confinement to a wheelchair.

I still have the nickname of 'Wheels,' but it's not used as much anymore. But when it is, I chuckle inside and consider how now it has some real, although totally different, meaning. Because without my wheels, 'Wheels' isn't going anywhere."

When I met Jim at his home in Wauwatosa, and we took the photograph, there was no bitterness in his story at all; none whatsoever. His wife was as charming as he is.

The powerful irony of his nickname 'Wheels' is never lost on anyone. This story has a…