Courtesy of a Chicago Bears fan at My Office. So what if he's living in the past?
Courtesy of a Chicago Bears fan at My Office. So what if he's living in the past?

Bears, pigs and Marty McFly

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As with any good Milwaukeean, I left work and headed to a bar Thursday night – only it was a bit later since I just finished up covering the Milwaukee Bucks’ victory over the Sacramento Kings – and headed to My Office. 

Immediately upon opening the doors at 763 N. Milwaukee St. I walked right into …

Were pigs flying in 1985?

Literally one step into the bar and I knew instantly what conversation was taking place on a weeknight in mid-February.

Football. Chicago Bears. Green Bay Packers.

Of course.

Jay Cutler!? He’s the best extra quarterback the Packers have ever had!

What made this fun was there was a Bears fan sitting at the bar, and his bartender was (perhaps obviously) a Packers fan.

The conversation was hilarious, NSFW, and thoroughly entertaining. The rest of my group met up with me and we celebrated the birthday of a friend. One of the Bears fans (I assume) bought our table a round of shots, and when the bartender came over to see what we wanted, he opened with:

What’s the difference between Marty McFly and a Bears fan? At some point, Marty McFly stopped going back to 1985.


It was good for a laugh, though. I’ll use it again.

My Office was also able to supply the perfectly reasonable birthday combination of Jameson and a Snickers bar in lieu of a proper cake, but whatever – our birthday girl seemed amused.

You invariably run across a sports conversation in most any bar, at most any point, but to walk into Bears, pigs and Marty McFly on a random Thursday night felt just … right.


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