Trivia at Brocach has become a favorite of's newest staffer.
Trivia at Brocach has become a favorite of's newest staffer.

Trivia and Bucks make a good day

Well, one night in and I almost found someone willing to mix the Wu-Tang Clan and Seinfeld. Almost.

During trivia Wednesday night at Brocach, one round was dedicated to the show about nothing, while Snoop Dogg made an appearance during the "name that tune" round.

(I say "almost" because I rarely go to public places where hip-hop and Seinfeld are even discussed, let alone featured. So that counts as an almost in my book.)

Afterward, it got me thinking: I don't have another lifelong quest at the ready to pick up should I find someone (or some group) that loves Wu-Tang and Seinfeld as much as I do.

So, while I would've been immensely happy in that moment to discuss The Contest and "Bring Da Ruckus," some sadness surely would have followed.

And, thanks to some very smart teammates who have proven time and again to know a lot about nothing, we finished in the money.

Buzzer beating thoughts: Caught the tail end of the Bucks 106-104 loss to the Chicago Bulls, too, which proved to be all anyone needed to see.

Ersan Ilyasova became a legend and Derrick Rose proved, again, why he's a top 5 player in the NBA.

Brandon Jennings did well to stay in front of The MVP and moved him help side, forcing the exact shot you want a guy to take in that situation - a hop back, off balance, 20-footer.

It's an incredibly low percentage shot -- but what can you do?

Tonight matters: Tonight is a big one for the Bucks, who currently sit three games behind New York for the eighth playoff seed in the East.

The Bucks are in NBA no man's land -- but  they're not the Charlotte Bobcats -- so make a run for that last spot and give Milwaukee postseason basketball. If they draw the Bulls or the Miami Heat in the first round, all the better for the basketball fans here.

Where the Bucks sit is not a fun place. They're not so bad they can draft an impact player, but they can't be called a Finals contender. Unfortunately those are the only two designations that matter in the NBA, and it's an awful space to occupy.

But, as Wednesday night proved, there are reasons to watch and there is something to be said for being entertained.

A good day: Wednesday was a win all the way around -- I didn't lose anyone's cat, hung out with friends in my new city, found a place to live and enjoyed some excellent coffee. A good start, to say the least.


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