Donald Trump threw Wisconsinite Diane Sykes' name out as a potential Antonin Scalia replacement.
Donald Trump threw Wisconsinite Diane Sykes' name out as a potential Antonin Scalia replacement. (Photo: David Bernacchi)

Trump drops Wisconsinite Diane Sykes' name for Supreme Court

In the midst of the GOP debate hullabaloo Saturday night, Donald Trump dropped the name of Wisconsin’s own Diane Sykes for the Supreme Court of the United States.

This was a smart move for Trump – although I have no idea what to make of the rest of the GOP debate Saturday night. Literally, I am speechless. My 10-year-old daughter caught a bit of Trump hectoring Ted Cruz and said, "Trump sucks. He’s rude." My 10-year-old! Trump trashed George W. Bush and claimed Jeb Bush had talked about mooning someone. Yet some of the cable pundits were saying Trump won it and was dominant. Who knows?

The Sykes’ mention, though, was shrewd.

The tragic and shocking death of conservative stalwart Antonin Scalia threatened to disrupt the Trump-mentum, much as the Paris attacks turned people away from Ben Carson. Universally, people started to wonder: Who would a President Trump appoint to the SCOTUS? Be honest. Who knows?

At least until Saturday night.

Trump was just as capable of appointing Kanye West as a brilliant conservative jurist like ... Diane Sykes. Sykes is more than acceptable to conservatives. She’s unassailable on the right, really. 

So it was smart of Trump to offer up a specific name to negate such murmuring. It seems unlikely President Obama could get a nominee through the Republican-controlled Senate in nine months. 

Trump name dropped another federal judge’s name, too, Bill Pryor. But he dropped Sykes’ name again in post-debate comments to CNN. Before 9 p.m., he also posted on Facebook about Sykes and Pryor. 

Diane S. Sykes and William H. Pryor Jr. would make excellent nominees to replace beloved Justice Scalia when I become president. #GOPDebate

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Before her name ends up everywhere tomorrow, here are ten basic things to know about Diane Sykes, who is well-known in Wisconsin:

  • She is a federal judge, serving on the Seventh Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals.
  • She…
Nothing from the debate itself could top the botched opening.
Nothing from the debate itself could top the botched opening. (Photo: YouTube/ABC News)

The hilarious botched walk-on and other takeaways from last night's GOP debate

Did you see the hilarious GOP debate walk-on trainwreck video?

They won’t be able to outdo this one on SNL. To be blunt: The walk-on got all f*cked up.

You know how the candidates are announced as they walk, one-by-one, onto the debate stage? Well, that didn’t work out very well. They sort of looked like a multi-car pile-up. Or like cars that were stuck in a roundabout and didn’t know which way to go.

It was all quite metaphoric.

You had Ben Carson aimlessly wandering around the hall on live TV, looking like he had no idea what he was doing after he missed his cue (in fairness to him, his name was drowned out by the Christie applause).

Then Ted Cruz literally pushed his way past the hapless Carson.

Then, Marco Rubio literally pushed his way past Carson, only he smiled a lot as he did it.

Then, Jeb Bush literally pushed his way past Carson and Trump, but he looked awkward as he did it, creating a priceless freeze frame.

And they completely forgot to announce poor John Kasich!

It’s actually funnier if you watch it with the sound off.

The only guy who stopped? Donald Trump! Wouldn’t you expect Trump to be the guy who booted everyone out of the way? Of course, Trump has been trying to act like a nicer guy since he came in second in Iowa (sort of, anyway). Everyone else zipped past, and only Trump stopped to help Carson out.

Priceless TV.

The actual debate (remember that?) was also rather entertaining, but in a far more substantive way. Since this is a blog about the hilarious GOP walk-on train wreck video, I will boil down the actual debate summary this way.

It was the night of the governors. Chris Christie dominated (yes, Christie), but he did so by pushing Rubio around. Rubio had an awful first half, robotically repeating that Obama knows exactly what he is doing. What?! In fairness to Rubio, everyone knew that he wasn’t saying this as praise. But it was the start of a bad soundbite that probably slowed down the Rubio ascendancy as Christie did …

Earl Avery's recent comments to "Access Hollywood" aren't the bombshell they're being presented as.
Earl Avery's recent comments to "Access Hollywood" aren't the bombshell they're being presented as. (Photo: Access Hollywood)

Why Earl Avery's new comments might not matter

Steven Avery’s brother, Earl, gave a big interview to "Access Hollywood" this week that’s being presented by the media as a big twist in the case. This comes on the heels of bomb threats against the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department.

Here’s why Earl’s comments might not matter – aside from the obvious point that, as Avery’s brother, he would have a reason to help Steven.

Earl told the media that, when he was driving around on a golf cart shooting rabbits with a friend, he did not see Teresa’s car that Halloween in the spot where it was later discovered by a mother-and-daughter search team. "We drove right through there, where that car was supposed to be, and it wasn’t there. That night of the 31st, we were rabbit hunting," Earl said.

This is presented as a wild twist, as shocking new evidence. However, this is fairly typical of the media exaggerating the importance of fragmented evidence in the case. If you want to read the fuller evidence in the case, you can check out the book that our OnMilwaukee investigative team has written. 

Because his friend testified they were riding around on the golf cart between 4:45 and 5:45 p.m. that night, it’s simply possible that the murder had not happened yet and that, even if it had, Teresa’s car was still in Avery’s garage.

As to whether it’s possible that the murder occurred later that evening and that Teresa’s RAV4 was still in Avery’s garage, there’s some evidence for this. For one, Brendan Dassey stated the murder occurred after 8 p.m., not earlier in the afternoon. Of course, Dassey’s contradictory and very controversial statements are also an issue in the case. Even if you discount them completely, Earl’s friend said the garage doors were shut when he talked to Avery.

It’s never been proved the exact time the murder occurred (Dassey got off the school bus at about 3:40 p.m., and the bus driver said she saw a woman taking photographs, so it seems likely the murder probably …