Scott Walker was a big winner Tuesday night.
Scott Walker was a big winner Tuesday night. (Photo:

Wild turkeys and the White House: election week winners and losers

Now that we’ve had a few days to absorb the "Walker Threepeat," let’s assess the biggest winners and losers from Election Day. Others have tried such lists, but this one will be snarkier. Someone has to do it.

Scott Walker and Mary Burke gave gracious election night speeches, and we should respect anyone who gets into the arena. That means both of them. Still, someone has to tally the results of the game.

Let’s get President Obama and Republicans out of the way at the onset. Obviously, it was a Republican night, not only here but across the country. In Wisconsin, Republicans control the AG’s office, governor’s mansion, both houses of the Legislature, and arguably the state Supreme Court. Nationally, they just gained the Senate and a bunch of governor’s mansions.

Obama’s clearly the biggest loser of the night, although he’s been so checked out for so long, that it’s doubtful it will register. To some degree, the midterm election was nationalized, including ours. Discontent with Obama runs strong. There’s a sense the administration is inert where it needs to be aggressive (think ISIS) and aggressive where it should back government off (Obamacare). But Obama is hardly the only rising or fall star.


Marijuana legalization. That Libertarian guy who supports legalizing pot got almost zero votes, even though Republicans funded hysterical social media ads about it.

Trek. Some companies purposely choose to politicize their brands. Think Chick-Fil-A. Or Hobby Lobby. But those choices derive from the religious value systems of the owners. I don’t think a failed Mary Burke candidacy was ever part of Trek’s business model. It’s like using Michael Dukakis to sell tanks or John Kerry to sell windsurfing equipment. On the plus side, Mary Burke needs a job. On the down side, it doesn’t sound like that worked out so well before.

Wild turkeys. Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch shoots them. The radio ads said that’s why we should vote for her (in addit…