Social media is media.
Social media is media.

It's not social media, it's media

There’s another study out telling us we are addicted to screens.  This one "shows that Americans from 18 to 34 are less obsessed with social media than some of their older peers are."

To me, it’s simple. I’m not an addict. Digital is how life works. "Social media" is dead. It’s media. It’s all media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Rex, Twitter, LinkedIn, whatever platforms you use – you use them to read, interact, live, shop and make your life happen. 

Stop telling me I’m addicted, use too much media or can’t think for myself because of a screen.  Stop it. 

Sure, it can all be a time suck but so are TV, radio, newspapers and other "traditional" media. That said, throw the term "traditional" out the door, too. It’s media. Plain and simple. 

Today and into the future it’s not a digital life, it’s a life in a digital word.

If you don’t watch "Blackish," you should.  Watch it here and check out the episode about media called "Their eyes were watching screens."  It’s great and helps position the rub that many feel around screens but story tells it all in a way that lets you know that all is OK in this "new" media world.  Seriously, it's OK. 

Media is media, and digital is the way we live.